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Better Bunker Buster Built
by James Dunnigan
March 15, 2008

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The U.S. Air Force has conducted a successful test of its new deep penetration warhead [VIDEO]. Carried by cruise missiles, the tandem warhead first detonates a shaped charge, which can penetrate 35 feet of limestone, or 20 feet of reinforces concrete. Right behind the shaped charge comes a 500 pound explosive, which detonates inside the hole, preferably inside an enemy bunker that the first charge has penetrated. The recent test only went through 19.5 feet of the hardened concrete, so a second test, with a more powerful shaped charge, will be conducted. The new warhead will be used for the new AGM-129 ACM (Advanced Cruise Missile) or the older BGM-109 Tomahawk cruise missile. The new warhead will be in service by 2011, or sooner (if there is an urgent need).

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