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Sea Trials For Russian Mystery Boat
by James Dunnigan
November 23, 2008

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The second Russian Akula II SSN (nuclear attack submarine) is now undergoing sea trials in the Pacific. The first Akula II was finished in the 1990s, but two others had work suspended on them for a decade. Then there were rumors that, three years ago, that India had arranged to lease two Akula IIs, for $65 million a year per sub.

The 7,500 ton Akula IIs have 14 torpedo tubes (including six that are outside the pressure hull, 40 torpedoes or missiles, and a crew of 51. Russia officially denies that there is a lease deal with India, but there has been a lot of activity on the Indian end to indicate preparations to receive one or two Akulas (training, base building). India did lease a Russian nuclear sub (a Charlie I clas

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