0    Feast of St. Anthony of Padua, Doctor of the Church and Patron of Native Americans, Brazil, the shipwrecked, and a flock of other things
313    The Roman Emperors Licinius & Constantine I issued the "Edict of Milan" declaring toleration of Christianity -- Learn More
1003    Consecration of Pope John XVII [XVIII] (13 June-6 Nov 1003)
1275    Battle of San Procolo: The Montefeltri defeat the Bolognese
1373    Anglo-Portuguese alliance, the world's oldest, signed
1665    Naval Battle of Lowescroft: The Duke of York (later James II) inflicts a decisive defeat on the Dutch
1667    The Dutch fleet burns three more English ships-of-the-line in the Medway
1777    Marie-Joseph Paul Yves Roch Gilbert du Motier, the Marquis de La Fayette (19) and other French volunteers for the American Revolution land at Charleston
1863    Gettysburg Campaign: Battle of Winchester, Va
1871    US marines and bluejackets land on Formosa to punish the Botansha tribe for depredations against shipwreck sailors.
1881    USS 'Jeannette' crushed in Arctic ice
1898    Action at Havana: US ships and Spanish batteries exchange fire
1900    The "Boxer Rebellion" begins in China
1912    First successful parachute jump from an airplane, Capt Albert Berry, Jefferson, Ms
1917    Major German bomber raid on London's East End, 162 die, including 18 children at the Upper North Street School
1927    Ticker tape parade up Broadway for Charles Lindbergh.
1940    Uruguay arrests local Nazis for plotting a coup
1941    DCNO report on the Nov 11, 1940, British air raid on the Italian Fleet at Taranto is distributed to senior naval personnel, including CINCUS Husband Kimmel
1942    Peenemunde: 1st V-2 rocket reaches 1.3 km
1944    First V-1 raid: one of ten missiles fired strikes London, 6 die
1946    King Umberto II of Italy abdicates, after a reign of about six weeks
1951    UN forces reach Pyongyang, Korea
1952    Soviet fighters down Swedish DC-3 over the Baltic, 8 die

0BC Minerva, Roman goddess of wisdom and war
40    Caius Julius Agricola, Roman general, conqueror of the Iceni, father-in-law of Tacitus, d. 93
823    King Charles II of France (843-77), Holy Roman Emperor (875-77)
839    Charles III "the Fat," King of East Francia (882-888), of West Francia (884-888), etc., deposed 888, dies a few weeks later
1786    Winfield "Old Fuss and Feathers" Scott, Bvt. Lt. Gen., US, d. 1866 -- greatest American soldier of the nineteenth century
1790    José Antonio Páez Herrera, hero of Venezuelan Independence, Pres. (1830-1835, 1839-1843, 1861-1863), d. 1873 -- Learn More
1809    Philip St George Cooke, Brig. Gen., U.S., d. 1895
1821    Gustavus Vasa Fox, greatest Asst SecNavy, d. 1883
1823    Gustave Paul Cluseret, Brig. Gen., U.S., d. 1900
1825    Benjamin Jefferson Hill, Brig. Gen., C.S.A., d. 1880
1892    Philip St. John Basil Rathbone, sometime captain, Liverpool Scottish (MC), Anglo-American actor (Sherlock Holmes, etc.), d. 1967

323BC King Alexander III "the Great" of Macedon (336-323), noted conqueror & drunkard, at 32 [or 21st], and his critic Diogenes the Cynic, noted Cynic, at about 90
1142    Duke Godfried/Godfrey II (1139-1142) of Leuven, Brabant, and Lorraine, c. 32
1231    St. Anthony of Padua, c. 35
1645    Miyamoto Musashi, c. 60-61, Japanese samurai, author (" The Book of Five Rings", "The Mirror of the Way of Strategy")
1665    Jacob, Banner Lord of Wassenaer, Lord of Obdam, Hensbroek, Spanbroek, Opmeer, Zuidwijk, and Kernhem, Dutch Admiral, c. 55, with many others when his flagship blows up in the Battle of Lowestoft
1886    King Ludwig II of Bavaria (1864-1886), called "Mad," patron of Wagner, drowned under curious circumstances at 40
1905    Theodoros Deligiannis, five times premier of Greece, murdered at 85
1993    Donald "Deke" K Slayton, astronaut (Apollo 13 & Apollo-Soyuz missions), at 69