Russia: It's Just Business


September 1, 2006: Political and commercial relations with Syria continue strong. Russia brushes off any criticism of it supplying weapons to Syria. Because Russia has been quick to sell weapons to several countries that are hostile to the United States (Venezuela, Iran, North Korea), the U.S. is beginning to see Russia as a hostile party. But Russia is mainly looking for profits. Throughout the Cold War, it was believed that Russia would no longer be an enemy if they got rid of their communist economic system and adopted a market system. Now Russia has a capitalist economy, and their arms sales force is looking for customers. The most likely ones tend to be pariah states that cannot buy from the West.

August 31, 2006: Another Chechen rebel leader, a logistical expert, has accepted the amnesty and surrendered. .

August 27, 2006: In Dagestan, which is adjacent to Chechnya. a police raid killed four Islamic terrorists from Chechnya, including one prominent leader. This group had been operating in Dagestan for at least two years.

August 26, 2006: Three soldiers died during an ambush in Ingushetia, which is adjacent to Chechnya. Islamic terrorists, driven out of Chechnya, are becoming more active in neighboring areas.