India-Pakistan: Border Wars


September 3, 2007: The growing war with Maoist rebels in eastern India is killing up to a dozen people a week, and wounding many more. The national police have established an elite police battalion to investigate and arrest key Maoists. India wants to cripple its Maoists before Nepal becomes a base for Indian Maoists. The Nepalese Maoists are a major faction in the new Nepalese government. 


In the tribal areas, the fighting with the pro-Taliban tribes and Islamic terrorists (mostly al Qaeda) has been complicated by some of the pro-government tribes trying to settle old grudges with other tribes. 


September 2, 2007:  Pakistan's dictator, general Pavez Musharraf, is negotiating with political leaders from the last two civilian governments, to work out details for a return to a democratic government. As part of the deal, Musharraf will step down as head of the army, and stand for election as a civilian. Normally, the political parties are too split to unite against a military dictator in Pakistan. But now that the parties are uniting, sort of, Musharraf has to do something to keep the opposition happy.


September 1, 2007: In northwestern India, tribal separatists set off a bomb in a market, killing one person and wounding seven. The investigation of last months terror bombing in  the south Indian city of Hyderabad, revealed that some of the explosives were smuggled in from Bangladesh by Islamic terrorists. The Indian border police had earlier warned of much Islamic terrorist movements across the border. 


August 31, 2007: Some 200 Pakistani pro-government paramilitary soldiers are trapped in a gorge in the tribal areas, caught between two groups of feuding tribesmen. Elsewhere in the region, a suicide bomber killed three pro-government paramilitary tribesmen, and two civilians. 


August 29, 2007: In Pakistan's tribal region, Taliban rebels freed 19 pro-government tribesmen they had kidnapped. The government refused to discussions details of the negotiation, which were led by tribal elders from the tribes of the kidnap victims. 


August 28, 2007: Indian troops defeated a major infiltration attempt from Pakistan into Kashmir. At least four Islamic terrorists were killed, and several more were wounded. Most of the terrorists fled back into Pakistan. Three more terrorists were killed elsewhere in Kashmir. The Islamic terrorist campaign in Kashmir has largely collapsed, with the terrorists now concentrating most of their efforts in just avoiding arrest. The majority of Moslem Kashmiris have rejected the terrorists and, despite threats from the terrorists, have undertaken peace negotiations with the government.



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