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Event: Iran exerts dominance over Iraq, before end of Obama 1st term.
Expires: 01/20/2013
Created: 01/31/2009
Pro Futures: 468     Value: 8
Con Futures: 3631     Value: 1

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ker       2/4/2009 8:51:45 PM
With the voting in Iraq we can see that reality has left the realist in the dust bin.
In a Iran Iraq infiltration fest with out U.S. aid I wouldn't bet on the Iranians.  Democracy was made for war.  The people of Iraq we fight harder for themselves and their descendants than the people of Iran will fight for the clerics.  On average.
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newjarheaddean    read all about it   12/31/2010 5:46:12 PM
yes i believe i saw something about a sealed envelope of who's contence/contract agreement would not be up for any further metaling/stinking negotiations.
happy new year everyone, i feel like i'm back in Vegas. S.P. rules. 
"I well bet my lucky star"
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cwDeici       1/1/2011 11:09:45 AM
I wouldn't bet on Iran either, but damn, eight months. Oh well, at least it was coz the election was banging.
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