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Event: X-Prize victory will spawn a variety of competitors and competitions, resulting in commercial dominance of the spacelaunch field within 20 years.
Expires: 01/01/2014
Created: 10/06/2004
Pro Futures: 1208     Value: 1
Con Futures: 579     Value: 3

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gklepper    RE:X-Prize victory will spawn a variety...   10/6/2004 4:18:43 PM
It may be that the spaceships will be flagged by smaller nations... just as many US ships are flagged in Panama to eliminate regulations, duties, licenses and taxes. Look at the equatorial countries to offer up launch bases.
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gklepper    RE:X-Prize victory will spawn a variety...   10/6/2004 4:22:30 PM
Space mercenaries will offer up their services to take down low orbit satellites (with a low caliber machine gun) with no trace back to the sponsering nation. Look for an increase in space adventure fiction and books... along the lines of SciFi in from the 40's & 50's. note: truncate the subject line if replying to original post... it is too long for DB.
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Banger    RE:X-Prize victory will spawn a variety...   10/8/2004 7:46:49 AM
Maybe this prediction should have been narrowed a bit. I doubt I'll remember "buying" this in 2014.
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Akatsukami       7/3/2009 11:19:11 PM
X-prizes will be withdrawn, regulations will burke the private launch industry...and Akatsukami's Law of Space Industrialization will come into play:  if you want some from orbit, wait twenty years, and it will be available better and cheaper on the ground.
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