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Subject: Why India Should be a permanent member in UN security council?
Genesis    10/20/2005 12:11:18 PM
One out of every six humans is an Indian. India is the world’s biggest, most vibrant, liberal, secular democracy. India is the world’s 4th largest economy (larger than that of UK and France combined, and larger than that of Russia) and one of the fastest growing. India is an acknowledged technology superpower. India is a responsible and peace-loving nation with a powerful armed forces firmly under civilian control. India is a responsible nuclear power with a strong record of non-proliferation. India has contributed significantly to UN peacekeeping operations. India is one of the oldest living civilizations and a perennial and prolific fountainhead of influential culture and spirituality. Yet, India does not find a place as a permanent member of the UN Security Council alongside US, Britain, China, France and Russia. The time has come for this to change. Several influential opinion leaders in leading newspapers have also advocated permanent membership for India in the UN Security Council: International Herald Tribune: "Clearly, a seat for India would make the body more representative and democratic. With India as a member, the Council would be a more legitimate and thus a more effective body..." -- Robert Wilcox The Washington Post: "First, as soon as the dust settles in Iraq, we should push for an expansion of the Security Council--with India and Japan as new permanent members" -- Charles Krauthammer The New York Times: "Sometimes I wish that the five permanent members of the U.N. Security Council could be chosen...with a vote by the fans... Then the perm-five would be Russia, China, India, Britain and the United States. That's more like it. India is the world's biggest democracy, the world's largest Hindu nation and the world's second-largest Muslim nation" -- Thomas Friedman While Britain, France, Russia and many other countries fully support India’s admission to the Council as a permanent member, the U.S. has not yet endorsed India’s request . There is no question that the support of the U.S. would be necessary for India’s admission as a permanent member. Since India has a very strong case for admission as a permanent member, the lack of support from the U.S. thus far is puzzling at best. In the National Security Strategy of the United States of America released in September 2002, President Bush has said: "The United States has undertaken a transformation in its bilateral relationship with India based on a conviction that U.S. interests require a strong relationship with India. We are the two largest democracies, committed to political freedom protected by representative government. India is moving toward greater economic freedom as well. We have a common interest in the free flow of commerce, including through the vital sea-lanes of the Indian Ocean. Finally, we share an interest in fighting terrorism and in creating a strategically stable Asia." Representative Frank Pallone (founder, India Caucus in the US Congress) introduced House Resolution 108 in the United States House of Representatives , supporting a permanent seat for India in the United Nations Security Council on February 26, 2003. Rep. Pallone stated, "I believe it is morally wrong to ignore the voice of over one billion Indian people in security decision-making that affects them, and the rest of the world. India's location, its large population, its history of participating in U.N. peacekeeping operations, and its leadership in the non-alignment movement all justify its bid for a permanent seat on the U.N. Security Council. All five members of the UN Security Council must realize that having India as a permanent security council member will give the South Asia region a stabilizing force, helping peace efforts in Central Asia and all parts of our increasingly connected world. The United States should follow the lead of one of its most important allies and endorse a permanent seat for India in the United Nations Security Council." What do u guys say?
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eldnah    RE:Why India Should be a permanent member in UN security council?   10/25/2005 4:35:39 PM
In addition to the above reasons, India was a substantial contributor to the allied victory over the axis in both theaters pf WW II. I would suggest the British & French seats be combined into a European Union seat and India become the fifth permanent member of the Security Council and have the Veto.
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eldnah    RE:Why India Should be a permanent member in UN security council?   10/25/2005 4:35:45 PM
In addition to the above reasons, India was a substantial contributor to the allied victory over the axis in both theaters pf WW II. I would suggest the British & French seats be combined into a European Union seat and India become the fifth permanent member of the Security Council and have the Veto.
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bullseye    RE:Why India Should be a permanent member in UN security council?   11/19/2005 1:24:07 AM
Yup, I think its time India is made part of the UNSC. If the UN has a sec. council ignoring the biggets democracy in the world, I think the UN has no relevance in today's world. I also think its Time Britian and France are replaced by the european Union. B.E
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Galrahn    RE:Why India Should be a permanent member in UN security council?   11/19/2005 2:30:54 AM
I vote India replace the US, and the US pulls out of the UN. In reality, India should be a permanent member in the UN security council, the problem is India would replace either Russia or France. The French won't give up power in the UN, and India buys much of your military from Russia. The EU single rep idea is bad, each country should represent themself. You don't want someone speaking for India in the UN. Comparing India to the UK would be a bad example, despite their small size the UK has the second most powerful military in the world today, and that will likely continue for decades into the 21st century, particularly since they are very battletested from Iraq.
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bullseye    RE:Galrahn   11/20/2005 12:40:27 AM
"""""""'The EU single rep idea is bad, each country should represent themself."""""""""" I dont think its that bad..why was the EU formed in first place if it cant voice for the entire europe? britian is too small a population to be given individual SC membership in UN.
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CHEEMA       2/1/2009 12:59:38 AM
It would have been nice if UN SECURITY council was a democratic body with NO VETO power but each country with a voting power propotional to it's population, economy size, economic and peace keeping contributions to UN, track record of human rights, war history etc.
As far as India is concerned, it has violated the UN RESOLUTIONS on KASHMIR, where UN acknowledged the right of self determination of KASHMIRI people and it has never given this right to KASHMIRI people but continues to hold 46 per cent of the territory by using its armed forces where more than half of the Indian army is deployed in KASHMIR, messacre of KASHMIRI people, rape of women, burning of houses, harrasment of KASHMIRI people continues and KASHMIRIS are facing it for last 60 years. Should India be made a judge on other countries in the same instituation where India itself  does not abide by its resolutions. Strange??? India has almost hundered seperatist movements under it's watch each dealt with force and brutality.
India has a very poor track record of human rights. It's Muslim minority is constantly living under opression. Indian Muslims are denied of equal oppertunity in every walk of life. They are denied of good paying jobs and important government positions. Even you may be surprised the water taps are seperate for Indian Hindu and Indian Muslims on Indian railway stations. It is not just the Muslim minority which is suffering on the hands of majority Hindus they have burnt down the Holiest Place of Sikh Faith, I mean Golden Temple. The have burnt down Churches not a long time ago and forced Christians to flee their homes.  In this country women is forced to die with her husband when husband dies and the tradition is called SATI TRADITION. I don't have time to write down everything here.
Finally India has fought three wars with its western neighbour Pakistan excluding the CARGIL battle. India has fought war with China in 1963. India has supplied armed to Srilankan govt and continues to support opression of Tamil minority of Srilanka. It has created troubles in all of it's neighbouring countries.
Should India be rewarded a permanent seat in UN SECURITY council for all the above???
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akshay.jangid       11/15/2009 9:33:10 PM

I am glad to hear things from above.Yet, I would like to draw world's attention to a bigger picture about India.

1. Regarding the Kashmir issue, it?s the policy of terrorism adopted by Pakistan which is hindering the peace process. Pakistani Militant are spreading a spree of violence in Kashmir. Now the bitter truth is, Pakistan has fallen into the trap which was created for India. See the number of militant attacks in Pakistan these days. The militancy which was created for India is on the peak of swallowing Pakistanis themselves. It?s an historical fact. Terrorist are no one's friend. They can even kill their creator because they don?t have any rational behind their motives. They are just crazy extremist. They are too aggressive to be instructed by anyone. See what is happening in Pakistan now a days. So lesson learnt by Pakistan.

So India is ready to discuss any issue regarding Kashmir, only if Pakistan is willing to stop the terrorism camps. There is no other possible option. Whatever Pakistan wants to try is futile unless it's motive are non-corrupt. Pakistan can fight as many wars as it can survive but India will not deter.

  2.Yes I do agree that India has suffered some riots and harassment in the past. But these things were a creation of some extremist people of India. I would like to draw the fact that majority of India is peace and development loving community.

They don?t care for anything but their development and peaceful life, which is quite opposite of Pakistanis. I recently saw the interview of one of the responsible speaker of Pakistani elite. He talks like a child and on non-pragmatic basis. You can watch it for yourself

 Its the official news channel which is broadcasting it. Now you all can imagine by yourself what I mean. It was like a comedy scene for me.

 3. Inspite of the incidents of past, India enjoys the strong support of Indian Muslims because they all know the majority mindset of educated Indian people. We have three big superstars in bollywood:-

a.) Shahrukh Khan

b). Amir Khan

c). Salman Khan

 They all are loved by Indian people fanatically.

Our last president Sir APJ Abdul Kalam, who is also a Muslim, is a source of inspiration to all Indian youth.

Our Prime minister Dr. Manmohan Singh is a Sikh. And we all are proud to have such a learned person as our PM.We feel completely safe in his leadership.

 The chairperson of Ruling Congress Party, Sonia Gandhi is a Christian. She left the post of prime minister for Dr. Manmohan Singh.

 Can Pakistani give any such example? What they have given to their minority is hatred and partiality in the name of Islam.

Indian constitution allows equal opportunity to all Indian irrespective of their cast and religions. Anyone in India can aspire to be PrimeMinister, President and Military chief. Is this the case with Pakistan?

One last thing, Pakistan is a place where Army massacred its own people (20,000 mujahirs ) in 1992.No such atrocity is at least shown by Indian army.

Last but not the least, Sati pratha is a matter of history. It has been stopped 200 years ago. No such thing exists in Indian society now.

I think India is a responsible nation. Its government acts impartially in its work for all Indians in all the possible ways. India in world 4th largest economy. It?s the fastest growing economy of the world.

India Strongly deserves a seat in UN.


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GaryZaetz       10/30/2010 2:39:03 PM

With India stepping up its efforts to win a permanent seat on the UN Security Council, its government should demonstrate more humanitarianism toward the people of the United States. As President Obama visits India within the next week to cement business and military ties, why can't the US and India agree on the basic humanitarian mission of recovering the remains of 400 American airmen missing from World War II and still on Indian soil? Their families, well over a thousand Americans, are bitterly dismayed that while the remains of dozens of Americans killed in World War II are recovered every year, from areas as remote as Papua New Guinea, not a single American airman has been recovered from Indian soil since the early 1970s. And the only recovery operation scheduled for this year has been cancelled by the Indian Government.

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sanjay cheeka    why indial should be permanent member of united nation   7/28/2014 9:23:12 AM
there are many reason which show that India should be the permanent member of united nation 1. India is the second largest populated country so it is bad if united nation is not listen the sound of 12 million people. 2. India is the biggest democracy country in world which show the power is in the hand of people not to any particular person or party. 3. India always favour the peace of nation. India follow the rule of Mahatma Gandhi who is legend of piece. 4. India is the most developing country in the world and offering the most business in world. 5. India have the maximum cast and maximum language spoken. it show India can work with every type of people and always generated piece in them. 6. India is one of the oldest living civilization and always promote the culture, participate in all international wealth fare program at any cost. they are the most common and strong reason and there are many more reason which show that India have a capability of permanent member and can strongly participate in peace,economy,development,helping of other country and many more.
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keffler25       7/28/2014 10:49:57 AM
You didn't pay the price of admiralty. So you don't get a say.
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