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Subject: you can NEVER stop terror by fighting
kane    11/12/2005 9:50:18 AM
you can NEVER stop terror by fighting.killing will not stop them it will make them more powerful. think if whole iraq becomes a are u gonna stop them. bush thinks he can stop them by fighting. as a citizen from a country(TURKEY) that fights aganist terror, i say that you can't stop it by fighting.we've been fighting aganist pkk for twent years.we killed too many but they are still growing.we must take to kurds to our side to stop PKK. BUSH should do the same to stop terror and the only thing he can do is to retreat.iraq won't forget this but terrorism will be slowed down.
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trustedsourceofinfo    RE:FaRtwas!   2/23/2006 3:07:00 AM
""At Sivas at 90's some Islamic radicals has burned down an Hotel which had many writers and poets who came to the city for a festival. 37 of them died. That festival was to honour one of the Alevi sect leaders who lived at Medieaval age. Islamic radicals generally hate Alevi sect of Islam because of its very moderate view of Islam. It had nothing to do with Humeyni or Rushdie."" --->Let me repeat what you just said... It had nuthin TO DO WITH RUSHDIE... Either you play ignorant every time or you're just plain STUPID... Here'e my trusted souce of information:wikipedia... Go an research from other sites too... In 1993, Rushdie's Norwegian publisher William Nygaard was shot and severely injured in an attack outside his house in Oslo. Thirty-seven people died when their hotel in Sivas, Turkey was burnt down by locals protesting against Aziz Nesin, Rushdie's Turkish translator.
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Pars    RE:FaRtwas!   2/23/2006 7:58:05 PM
Wikipedia is wrong about it as in many other things. Simply wikipedia is not a good source of information. I followed the Sivas events very closely at the time. 1. Saldam Rushie incident never got much attention in Turkey. 2. Shias has issued a fatwa against Rushdie. In Turkey there are very few Shia. And no Sunni Turk have ever followed a Shia fatwa. 3. Islamic radicals attacked at Sivas during an Alevi festival. And it is well known that Islamic radicals hate Alevis. If you really want I can give many Turkish newpaper sites as source but believe me it will just be a great waste of time for me.
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Pars    RE:Pars   2/23/2006 8:02:39 PM
I shared your enmity against Islamic radicals. And they are much great threat to Turks than they are to Americans. As we are secular and living a modern life, we are traitors in their eyes. I can not talk for about other nations but in Turkey, Islamic radicals are greatly hated by common people.
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trustedsourceofinfo    RE:FaRtwas!   2/24/2006 12:56:02 AM
What do you think?If I put up wikipedia as a source of truth there wont be other sites to look up on the WWW... If you're going to debate on a forum such as this I suggest you back up your trash talk with proof... Now,I'll treat you just like I treated those silly Pakistanis..... And use your own words against you.... 1.What is a reliable source of truth for you? or According to you... The hotel was burnt down by local Sunni Muslims....Why do we have that specific hotel that was burnt down... DOnt be stupid and ignorant at the same time please.... If there is a clear connection between the events;please admit it....
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trustedsourceofinfo    RE:Pars   2/24/2006 12:58:51 AM
How many turks came out in a procession against Bin Lden for being UnIslamic.. You came out in thousands to protest the cartoons...And nobody was even killed ... Bin Laden was responsible for so many deaths...but did the turks carry out protests then?
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Pars    RE:Pars   2/24/2006 6:50:35 PM
There are certain facts that you should know before discussing this further. 1. Al-Qaide is highly anti-Turkish. They did serious terrorist activities against Turkey. 2. The protests against cartoons were far less in Turkey than other countries, none were violent. 3. Al-Queda and their activities were seriously protested in Turkey in many occasions. All of the known participants of that organisation or their allies terrorist organisations in Turkey have been put into jail. 4. Turkish troops did fight against Taliban at Afghanistan, in fact Turkish commanders commanded all UN troops there twice. 5. Turkey and USA have anti-terrorist cooperation agreement between each other. Turkey did follow the agreement to the letter, while USA did not follow their part (against PKK in North Iraq).
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Pars    RE:FaRtwas!   2/24/2006 6:57:28 PM
Any respected source is a reliable source to me. Anyone can write a section to wikipedia which makes it unreliable. I would not disagree if you can show "CIA factbook" or "Brittanica" as source. And again for the hotel, you are starting to try my patience and bore me down. As I said before. Not the local muslims but an organised radical group did burn the hotel. In hotel there were writers and poets who came to Sivas for an Alevi festival. Radical Muslims hate Alevi sect because it is far too moderate for their taste. If you start to say silly insults to me; I will stop taking you seriously. To purpose of a discussion should be improving one's knowledge. If you have other purposes, do not bother me.
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blooper    RE:FaRtwas!   2/24/2006 9:55:33 PM
From what I have read the truth is somewhere in the middle here, the local Sunni Islamists used the historical Sunni bigotry against the Alevi and the fact that a well known atheist Turk (who had done some translation for Rushdie)was attending a meeting of Alevi artisans to whip a Sunni mob into a murderous riot (which recent events have shown to be an easy thing to do). But Pars on the Shia thing, are not the Alevi the largest Shia sect in Turkey? Also Hezbollah does operate in Turkey. There were several Sunni Fatwas calling for the death of Rushdie, a couple coming out of Pakistan.
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trustedsourceofinfo    RE:FaRtwas!   2/25/2006 1:17:50 AM "More ominous than the threats are the actual acts of brutality that have occurred within the past two weeks. On Friday July 2, 1993, thirty-five (35) people were killed and another sixty (60) injured when the Madimak Hotel in Sivas, Turkey was set afire, allegedly by Islamic Fundamentalists. The attack, purported to have been carried out by Fundamentalists protesting the translation and publication of parts of Salman Rushdie's novel "The Satanic Verses" in the Turkish language, destroyed a hotel that was hosting a conference of writers and editors." Sivas, Turkey [Category: 'Sivas, Turkey' facts and description] Sivas is the provincial capital of Sivas Province in Turkey . According to the 2000 Turkish census, its population was 251,776. The city contains several important buildings from the Seljuk period, with particularly fine stonework in ornate fronts. The Sivas Congress, which laid the foundations of the modern Turkish Republic, was held in this city on 4 September, 1919. On 2 July, 1993, a hotel with mostly left-wing Alevis intellectuals and artists attending an Alevi cultural conference was burnt down by Sunni locals. The crowd was enraged by the presence of Aziz Nesin , a well-known Turkish writer, who had a personal meeting with Salman Rushdie (the writer of Satanic Verses ). 36 Alevis and a Dutch anthropologist were killed in the fire. Try...
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Pars    RE:FaRtwas!   2/27/2006 7:47:07 PM
Aziz Nesin was a very good and liked and high-seller writer in Turkey. He was also an atheist-communist and hated by Islamic radicals because of it. He never translated Saldam Rushdie's book. He might have met Saldam Rushdie but I do not know if he did so. He is best known for his comedy books. They are absolutely very hilarious. They have been translated into many languages including English. This attack angered Turks a lot. You can say it was our twin-towers (not in magnidute but for the disgust it brought against radicals.) Aziz Nesin survived the attack, but died because of natural reasons some time after.
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