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Sami    11/7/2000 2:06:13 AM
Check this out - Some really disgusting looking women there !
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Suhail    RE:NAKED ARAB WOMEN - I also received my copy from Malik in KUWAIT - Tks   11/7/2000 6:54:13 AM
No ways man - to rough for me ! Anyway, thanks to Suhail in Kuwait for sending out the photos to his buddies worldwide.
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Talebani    RE:NAKED ARAB WOMEN - I thank you   11/12/2000 2:42:31 AM
To those in Kuwait who sent me these photographes. Thank you, very interesting to see such things. The female body is wonderful, a true fruit for eating, no matter which is our relgion. Finally I say to extreme religios peoples, including my own from the woorld of Islam; extremisim is bad. Leave the Isralis to live in peace; their country is tiny, they have no oil. We have 23 arab countries, they have 1 country for the Jews, so leave them to live in peace. Leave the Christians to live in peace. Long live non extremism !
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