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Subject: A real Crusader calls out Osama Bin Laden
American Kafir    11/3/2003 7:38:57 PM
An Open Letter to Osama bin Laden: By Chevalier James R. Reese, Grand Prior of the United States Dear Osama, We have noted that you like to refer to America and Great Britain as "Crusader states," and you have referred to just about everybody you don't like as Crusaders. We doubt that you really believe there are any Crusaders left, as we doubt that you really believe in God. You would not taunt Crusaders if you really believed in them, because you are a craven coward who cherishes his own flesh while admonishing your followers to blow themselves up. You are an infidel, because no one who truly believes in God would sanction the killing of innocent men, women, and children. Your actions show you to be both a coward and an infidel, because you ask your followers to do what you are afraid to do, and you don't believe there is a God who will condemn you for your vile actions against Islam and humanity. Osama, you have been wrong on both counts. There is a God, and there are Knights Templar who still serve Him centuries after the Crusades. This Knight Templar calls you a craven coward and an infidel. He calls you a murderer of the innocent, and a defiler of holy places. He calls you the favorite son of Satan, for you above all men on the earth have done your best to do Satan's bidding. Not only that, but to prove to the entire world that you are a coward and an infidel, this Knight Templar challenges you to single combat in the sands of Pakistan. I challenge you to meet me with scimitar or sword, to be pitted against myself and a holy sword consecrated to our Order-a sword that was forged to destroy evil. Here's the deal: if I win, Al Qaeda is disbanded-forever. If you win, then you can set the head of a Knight Templar on a pike outside your tent, and you can claim that you slew the chief of all Crusaders in the United States. I call you out of the shadows to face me-and to face your own fears. How long can you go on, hiding behind women and sacrificing your followers, while you-the spoiled son of a rich family-sit in safe houses and eat rich food? How long can you live a lie, pretending to be a jihadist when all you crave is to be the sultan of a new Arab empire, an empire will be secular and not Islamic? You could, of course, send your minions to kill me before that combat occurs. But if you send others to do your fighting for you, the news of your cowardice will reverberate from the Kunjerab Pass to the beaches of Gwydar, from Riyadh to Jakarta. It will be recorded in the history books that the great Osama bin Laden, the would-be leader of jihadists around the world, quailed before a Crusader, and cried out for others to save him. The name Osama will be equated with cowardice before a Crusader, and no family will ever so name a son again. You will be known as the "Cowardly Infidel" who knew that he could not count upon his personal courage or God to deliver him, for he possessed a belief in neither. We know, Osama, that this message will reach you. You can reply to it through Al-Jazeera, which is always happy to act as the mouthpiece for murderers. In fact, Al Jazeera can film the combat and show it on television sets across the world. You would be defeated before the eyes of millions, but at least you would have retained a shred of personal honor. You would at least have proved yourself to be a man, a goal that has so far eluded you. If I win, it will be a victory for all persons who believe in God and who know that the God of the Torah, and of the Bible, and of the Quran is not a God who directs the killing of women and children. If you win, it will be a victory for the followers of Satan-but Satan and his followers historically have not done well when faced by Godly men and women. My prediction, however, is that you will ignore the challenge. But be forewarned that your leadership will first be questioned in whispers, then in hushed conversations, and finally to your face. Your courage will first be questioned, then disputed, and then openly challenged. It will be the beginning of the end for you. Your own followers will accomplish what your opponents have not yet managed to accomplish, once they realize that you are craven coward who always runs, but never stands and fights. When we faced Saladin, we knew him to be a man of honor, a man who kept his word. He similarly regarded us as trustworthy, and our Order helped to broker a peace between him and Richard the Lion Hearted. It is known by all Muslims that a Knight Templar never broke his word. I promise you, as a Knight Templar, that I will come to you alone, a single knight amidst thousands of your followers. You can have me killed in front of your followers . . . but then, of course, your reputation as a coward and an infidel will be sealed for all eternity. If you claim that your followers killed me in defiance of your orders, then you will be known as a weak leader who did not have th
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SGTObvious    What's a SMOF?   1/9/2004 10:44:07 AM
As for hard core Muslims being poor in physics, yes, its true. Look at the distribution of research centers in the middle east! Only Israel has physics research centers on par with what you can find in the USA, Europe, and east Asian nations. ( I would add India but I don't know about Indian research) The scope of the ignorance seen in the tinfoil hat theories is alarming, though, and goes beyond mere physics stupidity (I got an email once that "proved" the WTC didn't fall as a result of the fire because the ignition temperature of jet fuel is lower than the melting point of the steel. I pointed out to the poor ignorant sot that for millenia, blacksmiths have weakened and melted iron with fires fed by fuels that ignite at even lower temperatures, thereby making one conspiracy theorist actually have an "oh, yeah" moment.) The "All the Jews knew" crud, when you think about it, requires some additional BS to be believed: 1. That the long list of casualties, which include many Jewish victims, is fake- so the entire US government, the NYC government, the NYFD, NYPD, etc must all be in on the plot. 2. That no jew would ever spill the beans and inform his non-jewish friends (despite the fact that even in Israel, there are pro-palestinian Jews). This alone is a truly racist accusation. 3. That there exists some way for the secret rabbi cabal to actually contact "all the jews". How? 4. That the arabs have an even more impressive secret intelligence, security, and communications apparatus, so that it can verify the existence of 1, 2, and 3 above without itself being detected. Of course, such an extensive intelligence capability would need tremendous resources, and vast insider information. In fact, it would clearly have to include every Arab in the United States, at least. Therefore, for the Arabs to "know" that every Jew was warned of the WTC attack, every Arab must be part of a huge spy network monitoring the US, and we should naturally lock up the whole lot of them.
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Normally, SYSOPS doesn't get personally involved in the subject matter of these boards, other than to monitor posts, delete those that are offensive, and to get rid of trolls. This time, we are actively posting our thoughts, since we are seeing more and more of these posters on our boards and want to set an example. To QUESTION: Your posts regarding conspiracy theories, anti-Semitism, connecting Israelis and Jews to the WTC bombing are a CLEAR violation of this board's Rules of Use, both in the letter and the spirit of said RULES. ..Im not even going to be responding to the other hate-filled posts full of insults.You guys should be ashamed of yourselves ... You should be ashamed of yourself for even posting this kind of conspiracy theory junk, but maybe that is a result of the lack of a versatile education in Singapore, where your email handle indicates that you come from. We strongly suggest reading more critical material before coming onto these boards and looking foolish, inviting the insults that your rail against. Your citation of our Rules' violations by posters who expose the ludicrousness of your posts by insulting the intent and intellectual depths of your analysis is laughable, and have been given all the consideration that your complaints deserve. ..I would also like to add that according to the Rules of Use,debating about who was responsible for 9/11 is allowed,however saying things like "The usa deserved it" is not allowed ... Nor is Nazi-like, anti-Semitic hate-based material such as you have posted. We can chalk that up again to ignorance and the lack of a versatile education on your part, influenced in part perhaps by the Islamic influence of nearby Malasia on your educational outlook. Your posts should normally be consigned to the file cabinet labelled "Uneducated Paranoid Conspiracy Theories", next to "Snake Oil Salesmen", the "Wizard of Oz and the Man Behind the Curtain", and any other unsubstantiated, disproven and discredited bunk. ANy more such posts on your part will see you and all your posts PERMANENTLY deleted and banned from these boards. We are going to let your post stand, as an example of what passes for critical thinking on the part of those who just have to blame an ethnic group other than those that openly perpetrated the WTC massacre, just so other readers can get an idea on your POV, your prejudices and just for target practice on the merits of your post. If you feel you have been treated unfairly, please feel free to voice your opinion. SysOps
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American Kafir    RE:The letter is a fake   1/9/2004 8:25:46 PM
>>Thats odd.The tone of the message doesnt match the ones posted before by American Kafir.Im talking about the message posted on 12/24/2003 6:33:07 PM. I dont quite understand that message.Its like hes debating whether the letter is a fake or not,but people are debating whether the letter in the original post was a fake or not,so he should be saying either "Yes its a fake" or "No its not a fake",not "Could be a fake,or not". UNLESS....the original poster is NOT James R.Reese,but rather,copied and pasted the letter from somewhere,in which case,some of the posts made by American Kafir was completely bull as he tried to pretend to be James R.Reese.<< I am not James R. Reese, but I appreciate that my lame attempt at emulating the style of the letter attributed to him (which I cut and pasted here for everyone's amusement) could fool you. What you're actually looking at is the aftermath of the Sysop deletion feature, which eliminated the Muslim troll my subsequent posts are actually in response to. Perhaps you'll become more intimately familiar with the deletion feature as time progresses. >>Now i dont understand how this thread manage to go from a challenge to Osama,to justification for Iraqi war,bali bombings,WTC and even Israel-Palestine<< I don't understand how people who claim that the Bush administration has held Saddam Hussein in US custody all along, waiting for a politically favorable moment to reveal his capture, are the same people who claim Iraq is out of control. I mean, besides the more obvious explanation - Bush's political opponents are blithering idiots. >>Iraq - OBVIOUSLY the USA wasnt going in to stop possible attacks by Iraq on the USA(um for instance,how the hell will Iraq get troops or missles to USA?)<< The same way every pious Muslim gets to America to kill people. They buy an airplane ticket. >>OR to free the poor,repressed,Iraqi people(that was a beneficial side effect,NOT the main aim.). Proof : The fact that dozens of countries have repressive governments,and the USA isnt going in to liberate those countries.Pakistan and China are the 2 best examples i can think of.But wait...if they had LOTS of oil,as well as a small,incompetent army....<< And yet, Turkey and Kuwait supply Iraq's fuel needs while the Iraqi people are being fed, housed, clothed, and trained for maintaining a modern democracy that guarantees freedom. Talk about warped priorities. It's if we're actively trying not to steal the oil. >>Israel - Israel is mis-treating Palestinian civilians.I was once directed to view a human rights website(im not sure if its the UN one,or a UN-related one),where there was a very,very,VERY long list of human right abuses by Israel.<< I once read a long-winded internet essay blaming Israel for all socks that wind up missing in the laundry. >>For some reason,the Israeli government doesnt seem to realise that giving people more reason to hate you directly translates to increased terrorist activity.GG.<< So, if Israeli citizens ran around hugging and kissing Arabs in hopes to embrace one who is lugging around a belt of explosives, you'd love them? >>And of course,the Palestinain bombings make Israelis hate Palestinines,which then makes Israeli troops do bad things,which in turn creates more sucide bombers....<< So, Israel troops that do "bad things" create suicide bombers and suicide bombers create Israeli troops that do "bad things." Well then the cycle is easily broken. The IDF needs to do WORSE things, so that all Palestinians blow themselves up. >>WTC - Im not sure if Al Qaeda actually did it.<< You mean Osama Bin Laden was lying when he publically admitted it? >>Stop and think.There were tons of sites that showed SOLID evidence of some weird FACTs,backed up by witnessess,photos,etc.These sites have,strangely,all dissapeared.Odd isnt it.<< Are we supposed to take your word for it? >>Before you scream "OMG CONSPIRACY NUT!",ask yourself why a huge 747 made a impact hole in the pentagon about the size of a F-16 and had nearly NO debris of the plane itself.Please feel free to go back to airplane crash sites history,you will notice that they have a LOT of debris scattered around.<< Okay, I'll ask myself that, before screaming "OMG CONSPIRACY NUT!" Here goes. "Hey AK. What are you doing?" "I'm responding to yet another jackass on StrategyPage, why?" "Got a question for you. Why did a huge 747 make a impact hole in the pentagon about the size of a F-16 and had nearly NO debris of the plane itself?" "Where'd you hear that?" "From a jackass on StrategyPage, naturally. Could you answer the question?" "Well, first off, it was a Boeing 757. And the reason it didn't produce more damage was because Arab terrorists chose one of the sturdiest buildings on the planet to crash into." "Okay, thanks." Now can I scream "OMG! CONSPIRACY NUT?" >>It also seems extremely strange that ALL Israeli citizens/Jews were SPECIFICA
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Question    RE:The letter is a fake   1/10/2004 9:47:33 AM
Sysop - You are letting your emotions regarding 9/11 cloud your judgement. 9/11 – posters who come to this website to make statements that: “The United States deserved what they got on 9/11”, or anything similar to that, will get the same treatment as NAZI posters. BOUNCED. We WILL encourage an HONEST debate over those events, but will not tolerate statements like the above that are designed to dishonor the dead and to cause emotional pain to the users, several of whom had loved ones near or at the places so shamelessly and horrifically attacked. ’Nuff said on THIS topic. The rules of use do not mentiong anything regarding conspiracy thereories. And i was not being anti-sementic.Neither was i being a nazi.I cannot find such phrases such as "ALL JEWS MUST DIE!".All i did was mention that jews were specifically mentioned to stay away from the WTC.If this is being a nazi,or anti-semintism,then im afraid that saying americans were told to stay away from Iraq during gulf war 2 is being anti-american. Appropriate Language: Please avoid personal attacks, slurs, and profanity in your messages. Words containing profanity are automatically deleted when they are posted. Please note the term "Personal attacks".There is also no mention that,board users may be excused from using "Personal attacks" if the person is a "conspiracy nut".Indeed,the rules of use do not mention any situation at all in which board users may violate this rule. Judging by your post,i am fully authorized to call anyone i like "stupid",or any variation therefore.After all,if they are allowed to call me "stupid" or any variation therefore,i am also allowed to do the same to them.Unfornately,i believe this is a one-off occurence because this is a sensitive topic,and that i will be banned if i go calling other people "stupid",or any variation therefore in other threads. I read the rules.They did not specifically mention that i was not allowed to discuss conspiracy therories,and that nazi behaviour was classified as saying that Jews were told to stay away from the WTC.I am truly sorry,and i promise not to exhibit anti-any race behaviour,by saying,or implying,that members of a certain race/country were instructed to stay away from a location.
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Question    RE:The letter is a fake   1/10/2004 10:02:34 AM
Since there is no edit option on these boards... Edit : I would like to mention that i truly apologize for any emotional and/or hurt or discomfort caused by my posts and that i would like to just end it right here.I do not wish to create a flame war or an argument here. Also note that i did not intend my post to contain any sarcasm,irony,or any other such things that may antagonize forum users who read the post.I fully apologize if you are offended by such things that you consider exist in my posts.
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appleciderus    I am offended by lies   1/10/2004 10:37:25 AM
Either prove that Jews were told to stay away from the WTC on 9/11, or retract the statement!
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swhitebull    QUESTION - better count your time down on this website   1/10/2004 10:59:13 AM
This is great - an ignorant anti-Semitic conspiracy nut spouting the Rules of Use and their interpretation to the SysOps, who have been VERY lenient in letting this troll remain on these boards as their discretion!!!!! ..It also seems extremely strange that ALL Israeli citizens/Jews were SPECIFICALLY instructed to STAY AWAY from the WTC on 11th september.Thats odd....who told them that?The terrorist?Cmon they would LOVE to have lots of Israelis die in the crash.The government?If they knew enough to warn the Israelis away,why let the others die?Who,warned the Israelis,and how the hell did they know for certain that planes would crash into the WTC on 11th september?.. Either you DO believe that your post is the truth, indicating that there was a worldwide conspiracy by Israelis (which really means Jews, since Israel and Jewish ethnicity are pretty much one and and the same), which shows that you are part and parcel of an anti-Semitic conspiracy theory in regards to 9/11, and therefore HAVE violated the Rules of Use (which, by the way, are NOT cast in stone, but only guidelines, and the SysOps have the discretion to boot idiots AT THEIR DISCRETION), or: 2) you are totally ignorant and naive about such matters, and have posted Arab, Islamic, NAZI, and Anti-Semitic conspiracy web theories that have long been discredited, and have bought into these bogus, false and hateful charges as truth, whose intent is to deflect direction away from the true perpetrators of the massacre, who were ARABS and RADICAL ISLAMO-NAZI FUNDAMENTALISTS, which is in contrast to the non-Radical Islamic fundamentalists. 3) Either way, you have posted these, and the assumption is that since you did, you advocate these positions. And THAT makes you culpable and an anti-Semite who will believe and relate ANYTHING negative about the Jews, regardless of YOUR ethnic background, or the truth of the charges, as long as it is agtainst the Jews. PRETTY DISGUSTING, and you don't deserve to stay on these boards as far as I and many others are concerned. swhitebull - as the SysOps said, YOU are the one who should be ashamed of yourself for even having HALF A BRAIN for believing this SH**T, and you should have your Singaporean butt booted from this website for either advocating this crap, or from being ignorant enough to post it.
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American Kafir    RE:I am offended by lies   1/10/2004 7:18:53 PM
Let me add to the list of questions that "Question" must answer. The first one he must answer regards providing solid evidence that Jews were actually warned to stay away from the WTC on September 11th. #2 is an optional question, pending a satisfactory answer to the first. "Why weren't Jews warned to stay away from the Pentagon?" #3 would be "Why would any comparison to accidental plane crash debris, where the pilots usually attempt to slow the descent of the aircraft and there is subsequently a large field of debris, yield any clues about how a plane crash in which the pilot accelerates to full speed and aims into the side of a building should look?" #4 would be "If Jews are responsible for 9-11, why did Palestinians celebrate it?"
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appleciderus    Waiting for proof!   1/10/2004 7:25:46 PM
Has "Question" deserted his obligation to provide proof that Jews were warned to be absent the WTC on 9/11? Or has he slunk into the shadows like a wharf rat? This is a simple task, even for you. Offer proof of your allegation that Jews were warned to stay home on 9/11. Or, recant your statement, and apologize!!
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Ok I know I"m really really going to regret this, but I think that perhaps SYDOPS and and some of my fellow posters are being a bit harsh with Question..and by extention several other posters whose world views have been of similar vien. Now before there is a hue and outcry I do NOT agree with Questions posting I found the :facts he mentioned about hte -lane hitting the pentegon and jews being warned away from the WTC to be ridiculous. Be that as it is a sad fact that many of those "facts" are treated as gospel in much of the world. Is Question anti-Isreali yes is he Anti-semetic...I don't know..but he is being fairly polite in his posts. I am an optimist I choose to believe that he does not have all the fact and that we can educate him instead of castigating him. Will we turn his woorld view around? probably not..but one of the reasons I have enjoyed this site over the past several months is the diversitry of opinions and facts that it offers up. I realize there is no "right" to public expression..that SYSOPS word is law. But from my own reading he/she/they tolerate much more from the pro-west, pro-war posters than they do from those on the other side. I believe the only true way to win is to understand your enemy and the differences that seperate you. Sorry to have rambled, but this has been bugging me for a wjile and just wanted to get it off my chest. So let me have it, I got touch skin I won;t cry..much :)
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