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Subject: A real Crusader calls out Osama Bin Laden
American Kafir    11/3/2003 7:38:57 PM
An Open Letter to Osama bin Laden: By Chevalier James R. Reese, Grand Prior of the United States Dear Osama, We have noted that you like to refer to America and Great Britain as "Crusader states," and you have referred to just about everybody you don't like as Crusaders. We doubt that you really believe there are any Crusaders left, as we doubt that you really believe in God. You would not taunt Crusaders if you really believed in them, because you are a craven coward who cherishes his own flesh while admonishing your followers to blow themselves up. You are an infidel, because no one who truly believes in God would sanction the killing of innocent men, women, and children. Your actions show you to be both a coward and an infidel, because you ask your followers to do what you are afraid to do, and you don't believe there is a God who will condemn you for your vile actions against Islam and humanity. Osama, you have been wrong on both counts. There is a God, and there are Knights Templar who still serve Him centuries after the Crusades. This Knight Templar calls you a craven coward and an infidel. He calls you a murderer of the innocent, and a defiler of holy places. He calls you the favorite son of Satan, for you above all men on the earth have done your best to do Satan's bidding. Not only that, but to prove to the entire world that you are a coward and an infidel, this Knight Templar challenges you to single combat in the sands of Pakistan. I challenge you to meet me with scimitar or sword, to be pitted against myself and a holy sword consecrated to our Order-a sword that was forged to destroy evil. Here's the deal: if I win, Al Qaeda is disbanded-forever. If you win, then you can set the head of a Knight Templar on a pike outside your tent, and you can claim that you slew the chief of all Crusaders in the United States. I call you out of the shadows to face me-and to face your own fears. How long can you go on, hiding behind women and sacrificing your followers, while you-the spoiled son of a rich family-sit in safe houses and eat rich food? How long can you live a lie, pretending to be a jihadist when all you crave is to be the sultan of a new Arab empire, an empire will be secular and not Islamic? You could, of course, send your minions to kill me before that combat occurs. But if you send others to do your fighting for you, the news of your cowardice will reverberate from the Kunjerab Pass to the beaches of Gwydar, from Riyadh to Jakarta. It will be recorded in the history books that the great Osama bin Laden, the would-be leader of jihadists around the world, quailed before a Crusader, and cried out for others to save him. The name Osama will be equated with cowardice before a Crusader, and no family will ever so name a son again. You will be known as the "Cowardly Infidel" who knew that he could not count upon his personal courage or God to deliver him, for he possessed a belief in neither. We know, Osama, that this message will reach you. You can reply to it through Al-Jazeera, which is always happy to act as the mouthpiece for murderers. In fact, Al Jazeera can film the combat and show it on television sets across the world. You would be defeated before the eyes of millions, but at least you would have retained a shred of personal honor. You would at least have proved yourself to be a man, a goal that has so far eluded you. If I win, it will be a victory for all persons who believe in God and who know that the God of the Torah, and of the Bible, and of the Quran is not a God who directs the killing of women and children. If you win, it will be a victory for the followers of Satan-but Satan and his followers historically have not done well when faced by Godly men and women. My prediction, however, is that you will ignore the challenge. But be forewarned that your leadership will first be questioned in whispers, then in hushed conversations, and finally to your face. Your courage will first be questioned, then disputed, and then openly challenged. It will be the beginning of the end for you. Your own followers will accomplish what your opponents have not yet managed to accomplish, once they realize that you are craven coward who always runs, but never stands and fights. When we faced Saladin, we knew him to be a man of honor, a man who kept his word. He similarly regarded us as trustworthy, and our Order helped to broker a peace between him and Richard the Lion Hearted. It is known by all Muslims that a Knight Templar never broke his word. I promise you, as a Knight Templar, that I will come to you alone, a single knight amidst thousands of your followers. You can have me killed in front of your followers . . . but then, of course, your reputation as a coward and an infidel will be sealed for all eternity. If you claim that your followers killed me in defiance of your orders, then you will be known as a weak leader who did not have th
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NewGuy    RE:Osama...murderer of women and children...yes, he is a coward.   12/20/2003 8:01:57 AM
"As to me supporting the WTC bombings thats untrue, I particularly support attacks of the USS cole kind." Then as a supporter of terrorists you will shortly be removed from the board, as voicing support for terror attacks against my nation's citizens certainly violates the rules of use of this forum. Good riddance to you. NewGuy
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celebrim    RE:Do Arabs hate Americans or their policy?!   12/20/2003 11:15:08 AM
You would be better to sticking to such politics than your religious pronouncements made elsewhere. To answer your questions, we must cover alot of material, too much for me now as I have other things I must do. Let me just say to start that it is your blind hatred of Israel has made America blind to Israel's faults. There are many things that Israel (and indeed even America) do that I do not agree with. But it is not Israelis that fly themselves into American buildings and promise (bombastically) to destroy us, nor do they threaten to drive us into the sea. The Palistians are fools. They have let themselves be led by fools and evil men. They have chosen to fight with an enemy that is much stronger than they, and they have done so in a cowardly and stupid way. Why would you throw rocks at tanks anyway! Foolishness and insanity!!! That is the image of the Arabs war against the world! Throwing rocks at tanks when they should be studying mathimatics (those Arab numbers you mention) in school. Suicide bombs? You cannot win a war that way!!! More foolishness and insanity, for indeed suicide bombs only make your enemy more determined to resist and less merciful in victory!!! Would that you had not made an enemy of the America. Had they not bombed the American embassy in Lebanon, you might have seen a change in policy. But every action of the terrorists gives comfort to your enemies, therefore if you wish to change all the terrible things you speak of you must accept that the terrorists are much more your enemy than the Jews are. As for how the British and the American troops are differ, in large part the differenses are do to where they are. The British are amongst people who we liberated and who feel at least some small measure of gratitude. But the Americans are among the former oppressors and clan of the dictator, and some of these feel little gratitude for having the rod they used to beat the Kurds and Shia's with taken from them. But I think you would exagerate the strength of the resentment, for if this is resistance (rather than the works of few criminals as it appears to be), then it is a small and silly one which profits noone at all and is therefore all the more tragic. "I don’t think that the best way of protecting oneself from an angry person by making him angrier!" Remember those words. Up til now, the Americans have not been angry, and they have dealt gently with those that say that they are their enemies out of a desire to be merciful. But woe be unto those enemies if Americans really do become angry and there is nothing to keep thier temper in check.
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swhitebull    RE:Do Arabs hate Americans or their policy?!   12/20/2003 2:58:54 PM
...You don’t know how we fell when we see our brother and sisters in Palestine being killed by the Israelis using American missiles and choppers... ..You don’t know how we fell when we see our brother and sisters in Palestine being killed by the Israelis using American missiles and choppers! Most of the Palestinians killed till now are citizens, and many of them are kids because they throw stones on the Israeli armed tanks!!... As usual, you buy into the lies foisted on your culture by your leaders and media. WHere is your evidence? The same evidence that pronounced the battle of Jenin as a massacre with 500- 1000 dead PALIS? NOT@!!!! THAT particular lie has already been exposed for the baseless bowl of chara for what it is- why should ANYONE in the west believe ANYTHING that is told to them by the Arabs, since NOTHING has ever been told regarding the war with Israel nor with OBL nor with Hussein nor much else has ever held much truth with it. Yes, and not enough have been supplied to the Israelis, as far as I am concerned. And where do you think those peaceful people known as the PALIS get THEIR weapons? can you pronouce Karine-A? And Iran? and the Former soviet union? Why does it matter to your people WHERE someone gets their weapons from? Yo are fortunate the Israelis value life more than the Palis, because if the Israelis really wanted to, the PALIS would be wiped out - a la the Iraqi Republican Guards, or the Groznyans. PALI casualties? WHERE IS YOUR EVIDENCE THAT MOST ARE CIVILIANS? Your own biased press? More Chara!!! See following post. The ONLY contribution your culture has made in the last century is to introduce terror on a wide scale, with the homicide bomber as its billboard. You are a culture devoted to death, rage, and impotence. Your "HONOR" as you deem it, is baseless- you have been humiliated time and time again by superior civilizations, technology AND MORALS. If the Israelis really wanted to, there wouldnt be a single PALI left alive in either the West Bank nor the Gaza strip. That these people are allowed to be there is a testament to the enormous restraint exercised by ther Israelis - the Russians would have just wiped all the vermin out, as they did to Grozny. I sincerely doubt that your wonderful ARABs would be so restrained if they had the opportunity and the means to destroy ISRAEL. TRUE OR NOT? You are just another one of many islamo0-nazis on these boards who spout religious mumbo jumbo to justify killing and your "superiority", and to promote the illusion that the Arabs and the Islamic culture is better than everyone else. The bottom line is the most of the Islamic world isnt even Arab, those that ARE truly arabs live in squalor, illiteracy, suppress their women, and are falling farther and farther behind civilized countries in every area of technical , economic, and cultural measures. Blaming Israel and the US on YOUR problems is just typical, since YOU cant examine yourselfs with the cold eye of reality and reform yourselves. And if you can't, then it will be only a matter of time before another Iraq is visited on your other countries. Maybe some day, I will tell my grandchildren about the great clash of civilizations that was fought in the early part of the 21st century. They will ask me - What's an Arab. Take heed before you are wiped out if you cant live among civilized nations, rather than as savages, since that is how more and more Westerners are perceiving Arabs.
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swhitebull    About those PALI little babies being butchered all the time the big bad Israelis   12/20/2003 3:02:57 PM
...You don’t know how we fell when we see our brother and sisters in Palestine being killed by the Israelis using American missiles and choppers! Most of the Palestinians killed till now are citizens, and many of them are kids because they throw stones on the Israeli armed tanks!!... NOt much sympathy here, especially when PALI butchers deliberately kill Israeli women and children. You display the typical Arab or Muslim ignorance and arrogance regarding casualties, really not knowing what you are talking about, but believing all of the lies. WHERE IS YOUR EVIDENCE OF PALI KIDS DYING IN DROVES? And they are citizens of WHAT country? SO we repeat for the UMPTEENTH TIME TO YOU IDIOTS, since you need to have it shove d in your faces to understand: From a prior post: The ONLY thing "shocking" about Palestinian civilian casualties are: 1)That you are the umpteenth person to make these stupid, knee-jerk claims about the dreaded bad Israelis beating up on the poor defenseless PALIS, without reading previous threads that have explained AD NAUSEUM what the real casualty pictures are; and 2) how extremely LOW the actual civilian deaths have been, when you consider that nearly 100% of Israeli casualties are caused by deliberate attacks on civilians. The IDF has shown remarkable restraint in its pursuit of terrorists, more so than ANY other country under similar circumstances, including the United States. We usually use a MOAB when we get the chance; the IDF HAS to investigate, account for the nature of, and record every Palestinian death, as required by their rules of engagement, so their statistics HAVE to be good, or face war crimes. This is required by the Geneva Protocols Article 40 treatment of Civilian Populations If you have been reading StrategyPages for any length of time, the board owners have published actual Palestinian casualty numbers, and break these down by category - age group, gender, etc. The vast majority of PALI deaths have been TERRORISTS- i.e. military age men between the age of 18 and 40, NOT innocent civilians. Additionally, since you use inflammatory hand- wringing language to describe these "innocent" deaths, the deaths of all civilians in areas where the terrorists operate are clearly - under the Articles of the Geneva Convention- - SOLELY the responsibility of those groups, and NOT the Israelis, which the articles again clearly state have the right to go into those areas. Read up on them- we've listed those threads here already, and I’m not going to repeat them for everyone that comes along and fails to do read ahead of posting like you have done. Before you start making such stupid and uninformed inflammatory comments, I suggest you do your research - you will look like less of Eurotrash PALI apologist, and more of someone who actually knows what they are talking about. Your observations fall completely apart when the research is done, just like the MASSACRES of Jenin were found to be bald-faced lies, repeated as usual by the Eurotrash press. All of the issues which you have brought up have already been discussed ad nauseum on the Israeli boards- casualty figures, the particular Geneva Convention Articles, and the 1951 Genocide conventions. If you take the time to read up rather than shooting off your fingers, you might actually learn a thing or two. Example- the attack yesterday in Gaza by the IDF was portrayed by the PALIS as an attack into a civilian crowd. LIE- IDF gunship tapes CLEARLY show NO crowds in either the first or the second pass, and it was the second pass which the PALIs claimed was into a crowds. Now, who would YOU rather believe- solid evidence from cameras? Or unsubstantiated claims by people who have a stake in maximizing casualties, have deliberately inflated deaths at Jenin by a factor of 10, and have been shown to stage funerals – ON TAPE – with corpses that get up and walk away? Here is my original post from August: THESE STATISTICS ARE from StrategyPages itself, which it seems you [anotherposter] have failed to read, and I have posted on the other Israeli thread: A detailed analysis of your "so-called" state-sponsored violence, in contrast with PALI violence AIMED DIRECTLY at innocent women and children- most PALI deaths seem to be male Palis between the ages of 17 and 35, ooo just about right for military age combattants to die, righto? From StrategyPages itself: A government report states that 365 of the 1,945 Palestinians [as of March 2003] killed by the Israeli army in the last 29 months were innocent civilians. Of that number, 130 were 16 years old and under, and that the 235 adults killed who were not part of any terrorist organization, many were women or elderly. So far, the violence has killed 3,075 (2,300 Palestinians and 717 Israelis.) The Palestinian dead included 441 members of major terrorist organizations like Hamas and Islamic Jihad. These groups have carried out most of the suicide bomb attacks
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Kadett    The letter is a fake   12/23/2003 6:34:30 PM
The Knights Templar were disbanded back in 1312, making it impossible for them to write a letter today. While there is a Masonic organization that calls itself the Knights Templar, the name and rank stated don't match up.
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ghettovet    Already Gone??   12/23/2003 8:43:56 PM
What are the chances that BIN had been crushed and buried in the mountains of Tora Bora. Is it possible that an arab Rich Little has been pulling everybody's leg for the last year? Why would he not show himself? Only audio tapes so far. His living image would provide a huge moral boost for terrorists everywhere. Especially since we captured sadaam. I think we killed him in afghanistan.
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NewGuy    RE:The letter is a, it is not.   12/24/2003 1:36:54 AM
A bit of research on this found: There still are organizations that claim to trace their origins back to the original Knights Templar. One of these is called the "Scottish Knights Templar", which appears to be part of the International Sovereign Military Order Temple Jerusalem, which is the largest Knights Templar organization it appears. And indeed, they list a James R. Reese as their Grand Prior, and they do speak about a ceremonial sword they use for their Investitures. While this at least shows that the letter in question is not completely "made up", at this point I can't say for certain if it is genuine or not. NewGuy
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Sikman    RE:The letter is a fake   12/24/2003 3:54:03 AM
actually the knights templar today is not the one that existed pre-1312. The Masons simply use that name for one of their ranks. If you are inducted into the Masonic temple you can either go through the Scottish right or the York right, if you go through the Scottish right you may join the knights templar if you pass certain requirments. Ronald Reagan was a Mason in the Scottish right, however while many would say he was a freemason that is utter nonsense.
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SGTObvious    Hmmm I thought Kadaett was right    12/24/2003 4:59:26 AM
I did a google search for James Reese Templar, and the only connections that came up were to this letter, reprinted in a variety of sources. One of the "tests" of internet hoaxes supposedly from a significant figure is to search for other references to the person. For example, if you see a letter supposedly written by a "famous scientist", but a google search turns up no other publications or cititations by that scientist, nor is he listed on a university faculty guide, odds are it is a fake. On the other hand, maybe Reese just never wrote anythign before. On yet another hand, the home page for the Scottish Templars notes that there are a bunch of US groups calling themselves Knights Templars, and isn't very flattering about them. There may be dozens of "grand priors". Which, of course, was the inspiration for the "Grand Poobah" of the Flintstones' Loyal ORder of Waterbuffalos.
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American Kafir    RE:The letter is a fake   12/24/2003 6:33:06 PM
Could be. Or couldn't be. But it's damned funny, from any angle you want to look at it. Who knows what sinister rituals involve canned food donations and secret handshakes? I'm pretty sure Osama Bin Laden, even if he were still alive, wouldn't have the guts to answer the letter.
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