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Migrants and NGO Watch Discussion Board
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Subject: Why do we need to watch Migrants and NGO's?
bombard    12/10/2003 11:47:17 AM
Is to see the benefits that century's of immirgration did for the US? Or maybe the efforts of NGO's against poverty, hunfer, child-trafficing, and development? It'd be nice to see this forum renamed. Maybe 'NGO and Development' or 'Migration'
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Sikman    RE:Why do we need to watch Migrants and NGO's?   12/10/2003 1:38:59 PM
Well certain immigrants are quite undesirable. Particularly those whose stated goal is to "Islamify the world."
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Final Historian    RE:Why do we need to watch Migrants and NGO's?   12/10/2003 4:55:27 PM
The name is un-PC, to be sure. But Migration and NGOs don't fit in the other categories so...
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DBNull    15 years later...   8/1/2018 11:02:05 PM
Clearly the migrations of the 21st century haven't worked out as well as in the 20th. And the NGO's? For a notable some the charitable work turns out to be cover for sinister political agendas. 
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