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Subject: Calling out all Democrats who can shoot straight....
American Kafir    10/11/2002 8:59:59 AM
Now that the Senate has finally shut up perennial windbag Democratic Senator Byrd-brain and finalized approval for President Bush to lead the nation's military without a Supreme Court showdown, with an amazingly restrained resolution by 43% of the Democrats in Congress voting to challenge Saddam before he nukes someone, we can finally discuss election year issues for Congress, with the elections coming up in less than a month. And yes, once again the Democrat's issues are? Crickets chirping in the darkness? It's Friday morning and I'm fuming mad, ready to burn any idiot who gets in my way. Let's dance. There's a deranged lunatic claiming to be God running around the DC Metro area plinking schoolchildren with hollow point 5.56mm ammo being compared by our wonderfully informative liberal gun-grabbing pro-union labor extortionist media boob jobs to our honorable United States Marine Corps expert marksmen because he can lie prone with a hunting rifle on a bipod and sight in a 5-foot tall innocent youngster at 150 yards with a 16x telescopic making the "amazingly accurate shot" of hitting center mass on a target that appears (via magnified perspective of the scope) to be 80 feet tall, 18 feet wide, and 27 feet away. That's an amazing shot for Jim Brady to make while wearing a drool cup, perhaps, but only if the wind is blowing. "God" has missed twice, wounded 2, and killed six. Marine Corps snipers do not enter Marine Corps sniper school until they first pass basic rifle training - a tight group of 4 shots, center mass and head, on a human silhouette target at 500 yards, iron sights only. These men will go across the world to kill, and if need be, capture those ignorant savages that are training to come over here, blend in, and indiscriminately kill any number of us at any time. How dare you leftist idiot Democrat gun control advocates besmirch the good name of the Corps by comparing the work of this loser rank amateur with that of disciplined, professional combatants?! The men and women now overseas fighting terrorists who left children behind in Maryland, Virginia, and the DC area are probably shocked to hear the Iraqi propaganda coming over American network news. Did we surrender without telling anyone? Add to that the election mess in New Jersey caused by Lauterberg's ILLEGAL replacement of Democrat Senator Toricelli on the November ballot, and the Montana incumbent Democrat Senator Baucus' (Senate Finance committee chairman in this wonderful Clinton economic recession) party of "diversity" sliming Montana Republican Senate candidate Mike Taylor with TV ads depicting him as a stereotypical gaudy, flaming homosexual hairdresser (He's got 2 kids and has been married for 22 years) causing him and his family a disgusting level of emotional grief to the point where he too has dropped out of the race amid slumping poll numbers - but HE can't be replaced on the November ballots by a pinch-hitter candidate against the LAW because he's a Republican. Pro-gay all the way, unless a vote's involved. So when's the Reichstag barbecue? Then you've got US voter registration laws that clearly state that in order for you to vote, you must be a US citizen. In order to become a US citizen, you have to have an understanding of the English language. It's the LAW. But Democrats are scrambling to make sure everyone's ballots are poly-lingual and full of extra holes for the chad-counters to deal with when yet ANOTHER fair election gets flummoxed by power-hungry can't take 10 recounts for a resounding loss by Sore-Loserman Democrat election boards. Then you've got the mess in St. Louis, where even your dog can vote for a dead Democrat as long as he shows up after the polls are closed, because a pre-recorded Jesse Jackson telephone canvassing of the city on Election Day said the polls were going to be open late, and we ended up with his widow "appointed" to the Senate so she can puppet the party line with Ted Kennedy's hand up her puppet hole.... Then you've got your fresh-from-Baghdad left-wing terrorist tyrant lovers in Democrat Representatives Bonior, Thompson, and McDermott telling us that Saddam is honest, compassionate and good in bed, and perfectly trustworthy to possess whatever weapons of mass destruction he might spirit away from the prying eyes of blindfolded United Nations weapons inspection teams from Syria. Someone, please tell me, what is it that makes the window-licking moron Democrats tick with lockstep party loyalty against all forms of intellect? Fear of mommy aborting little brother-to-be with a charcoal lighter and stretched-out wire hanger instead of a barely-tested French infanticidal vaginal insert (only approved for oral ingestion, but prescribed that other way anyway?) Fear of loss of non-existent Social Security dividends? Fear of piles of frozen polar bear dung being disturbed by oil exploration in Seward's Folly (Alaska)? Please dont tell me they are informed citizens. They can't
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American Kafir    RE:Calling out all Democrats who can shoot straight....   10/12/2002 8:07:21 AM
Still all quiet on the left-most front? Surely there's a Democrat on a foreign policy-military strategy forum that wants to defend their party's selling out out a core constituency group (homosexuals) and rampant flouting of state and federal election laws and the incessant hare-brained media analysis of a Washington DC area terrorist leading local law enforcement on wild goose chases while REAL snipers are killing terrorists in Afghanistan and Kuwait while the military vote, their families, and everyone else who doesn't particularly feel flippant about the prospects of being slapped with an WMD by Iraq is getting ready to kick Saddam's door in via sweeping changes in the House (there's a union job fer ya in Californey, Gephardt) and Daschle's hold on Senate procedures are going the way of the dinosaurs and ATARI 2600, no whimpers? Can't speak your mind because the voting hasn't started yet? Wait. Terrorists near DC? Must have gone home to stump on how you're all "tough" on Iraq and we need totake them out first before moving on to terrorists. Damn my ribs are hurting from laughing. Phoenix Rising, did you switcheroo parties on us? It's okay. Even Reagan had enough of that cesspool.
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American Kafir    RE:Democrats shoot straight~~~into their foot & our backs!   10/12/2002 5:53:14 PM
They came for our votes, we said nothing. They came for our guns, we marginalized those who fought back, and when they came for us, we paid the jizyah proudly.
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Matt Smith    RE:Democrats shoot straight~~~into their foot & our backs!   10/16/2002 7:27:11 PM
Who needs guns when you can get a free secondary or tertiary education in chemistry? My knowledge is a little rusty, but there are lots of ways and means if high velocity steel isn't an option. Makes me smile when they think they're safe.
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American Kafir    RE:Democrats shoot straight~~~into their foot & our backs!   10/16/2002 7:53:49 PM
Screw chemistry. If you really want to make a bang and you're willing to die to see it done, you can always take a passenger plane full of 10,000 gallons of jet fuel and fly it over 500 mph into a tall office building. And to think the WTC towers would still be standing had they only wallpapered the sides of it with the United Nations Charter.
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Matt Smith    RE:Democrats shoot straight~~~into their foot & our backs!   10/16/2002 8:06:58 PM
not at all, I studied chemistry so some other bastard can die, kamikaze pilots are at the top of the list if I can nail them before they nail me. As for the UN Charter, maybe you could use it to gag the Syrian delegate on the security council, a la Alien. It sure would liven up proceedings, but you'd want to make sure that the Israeli UN delegate wasn't too vigorous in the application.
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American Kafir    RE:Democrats shoot straight~~~into their foot & our backs!   10/17/2002 6:25:46 AM
I couldn't tell you much about chemistry, but my dog-eared copy of the declassified United States Army Improvised Munitions Field Manual is chock full of neat things I could whip up from the hardware store should society go the way of the World Trade Towers. And you thought McGuyver was just a t.v. show...
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American Kafir    RE:Calling out all Democrats who can shoot straight....   3/29/2003 12:49:48 PM
Bringing it back. Remember in November 2004 when Iraq's been freed of Saddam and his poison gas bombs. You Democrats don't have a clue who rules this country, do you? Take back the media, feh. You're our most useful idiots, you war protesting saps!
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