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Subject: Combat UAV Makes First Catapult Launch
SYSOP    12/4/2012 5:26:03 AM
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TonoFonseca    Drones or robots?   12/4/2012 1:14:59 PM
One has to wonder if all these drones will become obsolete very quickly.  It all depends on whether the ability to secure the drone's connection to its master or the ability to hack a drone's connection will advance further first.  If it is the latter, then drones will be worthless pieces of machinery, and will be dangerous to fly.  Robotic aircraft that operate autonomously will be the replacement.
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Tonytitan       12/5/2012 8:35:37 AM
They probably already the capability to operate autonomously. It's just being tweaked for for later use. The autonomous landing software is probably just one aspect/feature.
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