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Subject: Yasen-class SSN
Vympel    6/22/2002 11:05:49 PM
Its the Project 885 Yasen-class SSN, the first-of-class is the Severodvinsk. The Project 885 Yasen-class (Ash Tree) is Russia’s fourth generation SSN, a follow-on to the Project 971 Akula. The first of class, the Severodvinsk, was laid down in December 1993 but work has been slow due to funding problems. Sources were reporting as recently as 1999 that the submarine was only 10% complete. However, these reports have been proven to be false: in June 2001 it was stated by the C-in-C of the Russian Navy, Admiral Kuroyedov, that the Severodvinsk was ready to put to sea for trials, albeit not fully outfitted with equipment. So far, information on the vessel is extremely limited. The Project 885 SSN packs quite a punch: it will have significant cruise missile capability with eight vertical launch tubes aft of the sail, reportedly for 24 of the new P-800 Oniks (SS-NX-26) anti-ship missiles (known by export name of Yakhont). It will also have no less than six tubes each of both 650mm and 530mm diameter which will be able to fire the full variety of Russian torpedoes and tube launched missiles. A land attack cruise missile, most likely the Granat (SS-N-21 SAMPSON) will likely be carried and be fired from the torpedo tubes as on the 971 Akula submarines. The Severodvinsk will be the quietest submarine ever put in service by the Russians, and some American officials have stated she will be as quiet or quieter than the Seawolf. In light of the recent reports that the Akula II is quieter than the 688i Los Angeles, this is a possibility. Seven units of the class are planned so far.
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CCCP    RE:Yasen-class SSN   6/16/2003 3:48:16 PM
Is that so?...hmmm....Almost a year later we don't see this wonder of technology in service, yet. And you're saying that Russian officials would miss a chance to say to americans (and the rest of the world.) that Russians got something that can beat almost everything "outta there"? If so, then Russians are quite smart-assed (which makes no sense to me. If my hypothesis would be prooved, I would give up any trust in mankind). But klub missiles is really something.
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