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Subject: US remedies a chronic Brit headache!
On Watch    5/27/2004 7:41:14 PM
Tony's gonna owe George big time for this one! U.S.: Cleric arrested in London tried to start terror camp in Ore. NEW YORK (AP) — Abu Hamza al-Masri, the fiery Muslim cleric whose shuttered London mosque was linked to Zacarias Moussaoui and shoe bomber Richard Reid, was arrested Thursday in Britain, accused in a U.S. indictment of trying to establish a terrorist training camp in Oregon and providing aid to al-Qaeda, officials said. Al-Masri, 47, also is charged in the 11-count indictment with hostage-taking and conspiracy in connection with a December 1998 incident that killed four tourists in Yemen. (Related item: Indictment: U.S. v. Mustafa Kamel Mustafa a/k/a Abu Hamza al-Masri) Al-Masri, whose real name is Mustafa Kamel Mustafa, was arrested at his London home, British authorities said. He was the imam at the Finsbury Park Mosque, which has been linked to Sept. 11 suspect Moussaoui and Reid and was shut down in January 2003 after a police anti-terrorism raid. Al-Masri appeared Thursday afternoon before a magistrate at the high-security Belmarsh prison. He shrugged and laughed when asked if he would consent to being extradited, then added, "I don't really think I want to, no." Ah com'on Abu - we've got a pair of soiled panties with ear holes that'll really look cute on you! OW
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joshua    RE:US remedies a chronic Brit headache!   5/27/2004 7:51:23 PM
On Watch, you should really "watch out" more carefully -- your little joke (or maybe it wasn't?) was not appropriate given what is happening right now with the u.s. military and the prison abuse thing...
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realpolitik    Omar Bakri Mohammed   5/27/2004 8:00:37 PM
British Journalist Jon Ronson wrote a book Them: Adventures with Extremists about various fringe groups. One of the people he interviewed was Omar Bakri Mohammed, a radical Islamic cleric living in England. He's not the same guy up for extradition to the U.S. but he is said to be the guy who "radicalized" the shoe bomber Richard Reed. I recommend the book highly! But you don't have to buy the book, you can go and listen to an interview with Ronson where he talks about Omar Bakri Mohammed on NPR... One intereting episode mentioned is where Omar "outs" John Ronson in the middle of his England based Jihad training camp as an Infidel and....a "Jew".
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NewGuy    RE:US remedies a chronic Brit headache!   5/27/2004 9:41:41 PM
Joshua, Frankly, if this guy is guilty of aiding and encouraging terrorism, having some womens underclothes on his head I think will be the least of his worries. NewGuy
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SGTObvious    Prison abuse, Joshua   5/28/2004 9:28:39 AM
Word of advice, Joshua. Despite the media hysterics, if you are ever captured by terrorists, and they give you a choice of torture: A) Arab Style: Painfully cutting off body parts. B) South African Style: Burning Tire Around Neck C) South American Style: Creatively applied electric current. D) Asian Style: Broken Bones and Cane Beatings E) American Style: Posing nude with panties on your head. Go with "E". Really. You'll thank me later. There are probably prisoners across Iran wishing they could be Tortured on the "American plan". "please, sir, do not cut off my other hand, I will wear the panties on my head"
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SGTObvious    RE:US remedies a chronic Brit headache!   5/28/2004 9:31:25 AM
The NYPD is claiming partial credit on this one. Hooks instead of hands? Jeez, when we "Hang" him, we can do it literally!!
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swhitebull    More on Captain Claw   5/28/2004 9:53:59 AM
from FrontPageMag - nice biography on "da craw" swhitebull - my question is this - does England have Sedition laws for preaching the overthrow of the Government? If so, why weren't they enforced earlier? Or maybe accidently "allow" some British football thugs go in and bash some heads, claiming that they were just some drunk hooligans looking to frolic in the park! (Just kidding there)
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Crystal Phallus    RE:More on Captain Claw   5/28/2004 9:33:37 PM
The UK has many a law, which covers this area, but I think perhaps we need to look a little more suspiciously at why this has happened now. 'Captain Hook' has long been a pantomime villain in many UK papers and there is no reason why he could not have been extradited on such charges a good long time ago. Whilst I can’t verify this opinion in any way I would suggest that it is quite likely that he has come to the end of his useful life as far as British intelligence agencies are concerned, and as such the US are providing a convenient and 'legal' means for the British to get rid of him. It is no secret that many a country has been trying to get hold of him on extradition for many years and the UK government have given numerous spurious reasons why he couldn't be deported. One can only assume that it is no longer a benefit to the UK and it's allies to have him roaming free in the west and that now is the time to put him out of circulation. One additional note. He will not be executed even if found guilty in the US. NOBODY can be extradited from the UK without a guarantee that the death penalty will not be used in the event they are found guilty, and even the US will be hard pressed to break that treaty as it would stop all UK/US extraditions in future. (Still say hang the bugger if he is guilty though!)
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ccooke    RE:More on Captain Claw    6/3/2004 10:07:30 AM
You are correct. No one may be extradited from the UK or the EU for that matter, unless undertakings are given that the death sentence will not be used. The abolition of the death penalty is apparently a condition for joining the EU. As for the Hook, his injuries are said to be due to fighting the Russians in Afghanistan. There have been persistent rumours that he had been involved with US / UK intelligence and or, received funding from them during that time. So I suppose it is possible they have preferred to keep him under wraps, as any court appearance in the UK would more than likely involve a public trial and could possibly be embarrassing to either government. Don’t misunderstand me I don’t subscribe to the theory that the US / UK etc. created these murderers. At the time we were trying to destabilise the Russians. That was reason enough to back the Afghans. We can all look back with hindsight and criticize people who had to make the difficult decisions at the time… ccooke
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Guinness    RE:More on Captain Claw   6/3/2004 11:14:08 AM
Perhaps the US can't execute him, but they can select his cellmate.
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swhitebull    RE:More on Captain Claw   6/3/2004 12:57:47 PM
..Perhaps the US can't execute him, but they can select his cellmate... Did you have in mind the 6'6", 300# guy affectionately known as "Twinkles"? swhitebull
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