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Subject: if China invaded North America what would happen?
kuznet    4/25/2004 11:50:11 PM
Seriously I know this is ludicrous, since China does not have the logistical capability let alone the transport assets. But let's assume they did what do y'all think would be the result on both sides. I mean invasion of USA/Canada.. Remember for how bad the PRC is they still have 20+ nukes longrange, over 200+ su27/30's. X2 Sovremenny's with sunburn missles that are designed to hit naval assets. Lastly they have all those cheap ming subs+ few kilos to create havoc in the Taiwan corrider for us CVN fleets. No doubt the USA could mount massive destruction with the press of a few buttons, let alone the navy and usaf also. I see massive casualties if nukes were launched on Bejing, Shanghai and all other major centres. Same goes for LA,and all the US west coast to Vancouver BC.. crazy thought if USA defends Taiwan this could happen? ^_* I hope this science fiction never materializes. NYET btw I am in North America..
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Nanheyangrouchuan    RE:if China invaded North America what would happen?   4/26/2004 7:08:02 AM
Never say never, I would venture that the PLA top chiefs have some crazy worked out as a counter attack scenario. The US would push them back easily, hopefully no PLA troops would be allowed to return home.
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sentinel28a    RE:if China invaded North America what would happen?   4/26/2004 11:37:32 PM
First of all, they'd be hacked to pieces by the US Navy once they ventured past Taiwan. No more air cover. It would be the Battle of the Philippine Sea, but with less ships. Assuming the Navy magically disappeared, then the Chinese would be faced with mounting an amphibious operation across the world's largest ocean, having to stop off on the way to assault American-held islands such as Guam and Hawaii. Then they would have to land in California, where it is doubtful they would be welcomed with open arms, except maybe in Berkeley. If they managed to get ashore, they would then have to slog their way across either miles of burning desert or thick forest, where they would reach the Sierra Nevada and the Cascades. Assuming any of them lived to reach the Rocky Mountains, they would then probably be killed either by Old Man Winter, large numbers of armed Montanans who think anyone not from their state is an alien invader, and large numbers of armed, very well supplied Mormons. They'd be better off trying to conquer Russia or Japan.
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On Watch    RE:if China invaded North America what would happen?   4/27/2004 12:36:05 AM
The price of Chinese take-out would go down.
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tank    RE:Sentinel don't forget the other way   4/27/2004 12:50:44 AM
I was just going over this question and thought if china was going to invade the u.s. they would have had to take siberia first.China controlling the great bear would make access to the u.s. must easier coming through alaska cutting off the states resources.The chinese with a massive invasion force say about 10 million might be able to get as far as the missisippi before there was a stalemate and the u.s. got some of it's oversea's forces and equipment back.Assuming the u.s did not use nukes in retaliation it may take a while to get rid of a 10 to 20 million man force and that is about what it would take to attempt to occupy the united states..
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Spent Case    RE:Sentinel don't forget the other way   4/27/2004 7:44:15 AM
There are probably more subtle ways for an invasion to happen. How many cargo/container ships arrive here from China? Having several "Q-ships" in every port suddenly unloading troops could very well catch us off guard - at first. How quickly and effectively could we react to such a situation? SC-
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Nanheyangrouchuan    RE:Sentinel don't forget the other way   4/27/2004 9:16:29 AM
a small force would be shocking but would be contained, even by SWAT troops of the local city (most likely a large city since it would have an international port) since they have actual combat experience and urban combat abilities. If I was a chinese general, I'd have an entire container ship full of troops and armor, this would be easy since COSCO is owned by Beijing. You could load the containers in various places in China, ship them by truck to the port and even satellites wouldn't know about it. Troops could be put right onto the boats without putting them in containers, they burst off the ship at night when only a few security guards are out and bang! With a couple of large container ships, you could probably pack 50,000 troops with light armor into a port simultaneously. If you think the chinese troops might be uncomfy and cramped, I've seen the conditions these boys grow up in, they can endure discomfort and inconvenience quite well, body odors and human waste odor are common in the countryside (where do you think the majority of their fertilizer comes from?) The Russians thought "big war" so this wasn't their kind of gig. The Chinese would do it not to take over but to make us back off of any conflicts in Asia, especially if they might loose. Just to humiliate us would be enough for them, even if none of their boys made it back home. Food for thought.
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Spent Case    RE:Sentinel don't forget the other way   4/27/2004 9:33:49 AM
Also keep in mind that with regard to ports, we have many on the great lakes. Imagine this happening happening to someplace small, like Duluth. I know the Air Guard still has a presence there (148th FS, IIRC), but I don't know if the neighborhood NG units could handle it. Across the state line, Superior, WI (also a port) has a good sized oil refinery.
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celebrim    RE:Sentinel don't forget the other way   4/27/2004 1:37:45 PM
"There are probably more subtle ways for an invasion to happen. How many cargo/container ships arrive here from China? Having several "Q-ships" in every port suddenly unloading troops could very well catch us off guard - at first. How quickly and effectively could we react to such a situation?" It depends on the part of the country. If say 50,000 light infantry landed in Baton Rouge, I'd pity them. Within 2-3 days you'd have 300,000 to 400,000 men with hunting rifles in the immediate area, many of which had Nation Gaurd experience, and that's not even considering what the government would do. I worked at a warehouse in a rough part of town (the warehouse district, duh), and the salesmen at any given time had about 10 firearms between them, including a couple of assualt rifles. That was just the work stash. But in San Francisco, things probably would go differently. However, get immediately off the coast and you are back in pro-gun, hunting militia turf, so any light infantry invasion would be immediately contained to the urban area it hit. Still, the lose of a major urban center for any number of weeks could be devestating. A better plan would be simply to pack a few containers with explosives (or even a nuke) and take out the port. Losing the docks at SF, SD, and Seattle simulataneously would make Pearl Harbor look like a minor setback. On the whole though, this is a really silly discussion.
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American Kafir    RE:if China invaded North America what would happen?   4/27/2004 6:53:42 PM
Even if China secretly loaded troops, vehicles, and equipment into commercial transport container ships they would have to figure out how to elude US satellite reconnaissance. (Tanks and troops are observed from orbit by satellites to be marching into a warehouse, and freight trucks emerge and head to container ships bound for America - hello target practice for the US Navy submarines and carrier wings). But let's assume the NIMA intel magpies sleep through China concealing an expeditionary invasion force inside the latest crapload of Wal-Mart merchandise and this "commercial" fleet slips across the Pacific Ocean unmolested by PACFLT. They would need port facilities to disembark, which means the first ships in would have to be filled with forces to secure the area they land in, which could be thwarted as easily as a harbormaster's itenerary is changed. Pulling that off, secretly, would be an accomplishment in itself. Especially if you believe the longshoreman's unions of the West Coast would stand quietly by while "scabs" unload T-72s. (I'm not sure about this, after all, China would still be sending them work to do, albeit at less that $18+ an hour) Beyond those obvious logistical details / tactical considerations, you've got to realize how many container ships it would take by to transport an invasion force worthy of being called that. This surprise deployment would not have the liberty of build-up once it's in port. One ship might get in to take the facility, leaving several out at sea vulnerable to the swift American response. Basically, the answer to "if China invaded North America what would happen?" is dependent on when said invasion was detected. If satellites catch it loading in China, it'll be intercepted before it gets anywhere near the US. If they don't attack with enough force to a.) secure a port facility secretly, and b.) unload all ships quickly AND secretly, they'll be stopped in the harbor. If they get a sizable enough force into America, the National Guard, police contingents, and the happy-fun of 110+ million civilian gun-owners with 300+ million guns, many with police and / or military training, will make guerilla warfare around the world look like the desperate pissant efforts that they are.
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hello    RE:if China invaded North America what would happen?   4/27/2004 8:14:44 PM
I believe that before even a major ground assault by the US takes place, the massive US Airforce armed with the state of the art aircrafts F15s, F117s and others, would completely break the back of the Chinese Land Forces. They would start doing this within an hour of Chinese Invasion if we don't have to counter a Chinese Airforce or within 24 hours if we have to counter the PLAAF. I believe that a day would be enough for US airforce to shoot down some 200 su 27/30s.
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