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Subject: Castro near death: Negroponte
EW3    12/15/2006 4:20:24 AM
the MSM will be beating a path down their to mourn him. BaBa walters will likely lead the parade. Oddly Rooters fails to mention all the people that Castro had locked in jails for 20-30 years because they disagreed with him. Will be interestin ghow the same flaming liberals deal with a more democratic and open Cuba. Will Danny Glover go into mourning? WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Cuban President Fidel Castro is very ill and close to death, U.S. Intelligence chief John Negroponte said in an interview published on Friday. "Everything we see indicates it will not be much longer ... months, not years," Negroponte told The Washington Post. The Cuban leader, 80, has not appeared in public since he underwent emergency intestinal surgery and temporarily handed over the presidency to his younger brother, Raul Castro, on July 31. Castro has been in power since 1959. Reuters Pictures Editors Choice: Best pictures from the last 24 hours. View Slideshow A delegation of 10 U.S. lawmakers who favor easing sanctions against Communist-run Cuba was due to arrive in Havana on Friday for a three-day visit. The delegation has asked to meet with the acting president who has said he is open to talks with Washington. © Reuters 2006. All Rights Reserved
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RockyMTNClimber    If we only had a dollar each for every time that clown was close to death.....   5/2/2007 8:52:19 PM
When he assumes room tempurature few in Cuba will mourn him.
Check Six
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