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Subject: cuban jets violating US air space
slapshot1343    6/6/2005 11:01:37 PM
how would the US react and what action would we pheasably take if Castro started launching his Fighter jets and violates US airspace??? What would our options be???
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EW3    RE:cuban jets violating US air space   6/6/2005 11:12:23 PM
First we'd probably ask them their purpose. If they did not respond, we'd probably shoot them down. If they said they wanted to defect, we'd make sure they had no weapons, and if they did have then dump them over the open ocean. Then we would fly them around to disperse them and use up their fuel. Then they can land.
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ret13f    RE:cuban jets violating US air space   6/6/2005 11:44:09 PM
things would start to get interesting in Homestead, again.
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