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Subject: Cuba's role in Angola
Big Bad Pariah    7/29/2004 2:09:14 PM
Many seem to think that Cuba simply acted as a proxy for the Soviet Union in Angola which is not the case. While the Soviets gave extensive support to the Cubans and their Angolan allies, Cuba intervened in Angola to help repel US-backed apartheid South Africa's interventions into Angola and other African countries. Of course Castro, backed by the USSR, was attempting to export communist revolution to other third world locations such as Africa. However, Cuba's role in aiding and defending Angola's independence from South African interference should be praised. The war in Angola that killed hundreds of thousands is something that all sides have some responsibility for.
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Yimmy    RE:Cuba's role in Angola   10/27/2004 6:38:56 PM
What started the war again?.
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