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Subject: ww2 Yamato vs Iowa class
capt soap    9/17/2005 12:55:11 PM
How would this fight turn out? the Iowa's 16 inch guns against the Yamato 18 guns? The iowa had radar,which one would sink the other 1 on 1.
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Weasel    RE:ww2 Yamato vs Iowa class   9/17/2005 8:26:53 PM
Iowa hands down, better steel and damage control, better designed armor, more accurate first fulisade. The captain of the Iowa would have to be a real clutz to lose that one
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EW3    RE:ww2 Yamato vs Iowa class   9/17/2005 8:31:40 PM
Iowa. Since it's the only ship with radar it gives the captain of the Iowa a huge tactical advantage. Attack at night or in bad weather etc...
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wjr    RE:ww2 Yamato vs Iowa class   9/17/2005 8:58:45 PM
All, Are you certain that Yamato had no radar? A number of years ago I read a book (the name of which I cannot recall but which is in my library somewhere) and I distinctly recall that she was fitted with radar in 1944. Best wjr
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EW3    RE:ww2 Yamato vs Iowa class   9/17/2005 9:08:07 PM
This link shows she got radar in July 43.
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Weasel    radar   9/17/2005 11:10:00 PM
I spoke to a couple of guys who built her and they said she had a basic horn radar months after her comissioning. We were all pretty drunk though and my Japanese is not what it used to be :) They also said the trouble with that radar was that it was knocked skew if after the first shot from the blast wave from her own guns. so it was totally impractical, although she had a better first round engagement capability then most people give her credit. Even so I am sticking with the Iowa.
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capt soap    Yamato vs Iowa   9/17/2005 11:58:24 PM
Which had the longer range gun? 16 or 18 inch? So far there is a favor for the iowa for radar,yamato's armour was thicker, maybe it could get in visual range.
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blacksmith    RE:Yamato vs Iowa   9/18/2005 10:43:00 PM
The 18" probably had better range, but the radar would put more 16"ers on target. Bigger shells going farther don't help if they can't hit anything.
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Jack Tarr    RE:Yamato vs Iowa   9/19/2005 6:20:49 AM
Does anyone have any data on ROF between these 2 Juggernaughts? I don't have any hard info, but I'd guess the Iowa would have a higher ROF. Combined with more accurate gunnery (radar aside)I'd have to go with the Iowa's coming out on top of this clash. (I suppose the Iowa's were powerful enough that there was no need for the the Montana's. Now that would have been very one sided Yamato V Montana!) Just my 2c
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Pseudonym    RE:Yamato vs Iowa   9/19/2005 8:34:12 AM
Depends on battle settings... Savo Island. Leyte Gulf. I don't know about you, but seeing as how the radars were a bit spotty back then, and our intelligence was nowhere near what it is now, IF the Yamato could get into range like these to battles, it would be UGLY. The quality of Japanese Naval units was a rude surprise for many American sailors.
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AlbanyRifles    RE:Yamato vs Iowa   9/19/2005 10:08:10 AM
There was an article in Naval History Magazine about this a few years back. IIRC it was believed that the Iowa was superior in weapons and gunfire radar. Also, this site has a great analysis of all aspects of the two types. Browse through it...lots of good stuff. Note that the South Dakota class also comes out well.
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