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Subject: Flash/Naval clothing for action
Iano    1/11/2005 3:28:57 PM
What exactly is the "flash" that sailors wear hoods and mitts to protect themselves from? Is it actual flame, or is it just a surge of heat, as I imagine that heat travels well down enclosed compartments and tight corridors after a weapon hits a ship! Why is it that when you see photos of RN sailors at action stations they all have their anti-flash on, whereas when you see photos of USN sailors they seem to be lacking this kit? Also photos of submariners and aviators never seem to include them wearing the same white hoods and mitts. I know they work and fight in different surroundings but surely whatever this flash effect is, it could affect them as badly as any surface sailor! Why is it that when you see photos of RN sailors (not just engineers) at action stations they are all wearing coveralls over their Action working dress? If the AWD shirt, trousers and jersey is flame retardent, and it is marked so, then how come the coveralls are needed? And why do you see some in white coveralls but most in blue? Are the ones in white coveralls the officers and the ones in blue the ratings? Why do sailors appear to seldom wear their helmets and never wear body armour? With the possible exception of boarding parties? Thanks guys Ian
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Iano    RE:Flash/Naval clothing for action   1/11/2005 3:32:39 PM
Why do they wear boots as do the army? Surely they arent that needed, and shoes would be much easier to kick off if you ended up in the water.
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HorribleSailor    RE:Flash/Naval clothing for action   1/11/2005 4:42:40 PM
Some(!) answers, Ian: The RN boots are very different from army boots and are commonly known as 'steaming boots' or 'steaming bats'. They have steel toe caps, which prevent nasty foot injuries from equipment landing on them, and excellent grips, to prevent slipping - both of which are common and dangerous hazards on warships. It means your toes get bloody cold though, plenty of socks required! You're right about the RN overalls, white are for officers and blue for rates, generally speaking. Armour and hats? I think that's more to do with the difficulty in moving around in the confined spaces of a warship quickly enough v the odds of that bodyarmour / hard hat protecting you against something. As for the flame retardant properties of RN working rig, well, it's only flame retardant once!.
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Iano    RE:Flash/Naval clothing for action   1/11/2005 5:44:41 PM
Yeh I suppose youve hit the nail on the head there - hows the CBA supposed to protect you from an anti shipping missile when it will not stop rifle rounds and I've heard its "hit and miss" - literally - whether it will stop 9mm and shotgun impacts! When you put to sea, are the sailors supplied with flares, in the event they end up in the sea I suppose there is kit for staying afloat and keeping warm, but you might end up not being noticed! Why is the RN beginning to wear a blue norwegian shirt instead of the traditioanl smarter one? Why is it that only submariners wear the white high-neck jumper, but if you watch old movies like The Cruel Sea, everyone wears them? Sorry a lot of unusual, maybe daft, questions perhaps! The Cruel Sea, damn thats a good film. Ian
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HorribleSailor    RE:Flash/Naval clothing for action   1/11/2005 6:19:29 PM
Hehe, well don't watch the Cruel Sea before a rough passage at night, it'll put you a little on edge! The norgie (sp?) was being introduced because it was more convenient - warmer than a shirt so not requiring a jumper too, didn't need ironing etc. Its introduction has now been abandoned, as in use it wasn't found to be as good (although the trousers with extra pockets that came with are being kept!) White wooly-pully's are submariner only, one of the little features that distinguishes people in (what they consider) an elite. Give me a moment and I'll enclose a funny story about it. I suppose in WWII certain uniform standards were relaxed, special circumstances and all!.
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HorribleSailor    White Jumpers   1/11/2005 6:21:58 PM
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Iano    RE:White Jumpers   1/12/2005 1:21:56 PM
Hehheh those submariners must have a pretty high opinion of their work! You know when you go to sea, you must have your working uniform, but do you have to take your smart whites and blues, and camouflage uniform also, as well as your civvies? I was just thinking, it must come to quite a pile on a warship where I'll bet space is tight! Do you think the Cruel Sea is a good film or not? I heard a lot of people put it down but I reckon its a great story. Really must read the book sometime. Ian
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tiff    RE:Flash/Naval clothing for action   1/12/2005 3:39:17 PM
I believe steaming boots also have electrically conductive soles to stop the build up of static on your body.
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tiff    RE:Flash/Naval clothing for action   1/12/2005 3:44:53 PM
In the event that you have to abandon ship you need to don a 'once only suit' also known to jolly jack as a 'big orange johnny.' The RN standard issue lifejacket is actually quite basic. In fact if you are a bit of a yachty you will be shocked how basic. But it also packs away into very small pack which is beneficial when trying to fit through kidney hatches. The lifejacket is oral inflation only, it has a spray hood to prevent secondary drowning, has a lamp and a whistle. no personal flares though.
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Yimmy    RE:Flash/Naval clothing for action   1/12/2005 4:45:43 PM
Though liferafts etc will be packed full of flares, etc..
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HorribleSailor    RE:Flash/Naval clothing for action   1/12/2005 4:51:29 PM
Sorry! Done it again - that was me..
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