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Subject: Burke Successor
SYSOP    9/24/2022 6:34:23 AM
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davidhughes       9/24/2022 11:10:29 PM
I believe the proposed VLS capacity is a lot more than 32!
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Sgt_C       9/26/2022 4:06:09 AM
For the DDG, it better be. I think 32 VLS is the Constellation FFG. The USN really went off the rails at the end of the cold war. Hopefully it will only be 30 years wandering the desert (quite literally) and not 40. We can't go another 10 like this. Not a lot of people realize just how much they depend on a strong US Navy.
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Pausert       9/29/2022 2:23:06 AM
It is more than 32 the wiki page says 4x32 cells so 128 total. The peace dividend at the end of the cold war is really biting all the services right now. They all have a lot of old major equipment that is wearing out after 20 years of the war on terror and not a lot of replacement. Now we have to replace everything at the same time instead of having spread it out over the past 20 years. On the navy side we have the Burkes and Ticonderoga's, the Ohios, the Los Angelas, the Nimitz class, The USAF needs replacements for the B-52, B-1 and B-2 as well as the older fighters (didn't build enough F-22s and they are proving hard to upgrade) as well as the tankers, The Army needs significant improvement in arty. Towed arty is practically useless unless you have suppressed any enemy counterbattery fire and the M109s are a bit dated. We are proving to be really late to the party on active defense for tanks and without it they are proving to be rather vulnerable. All of the bill for this stuff is coming due really fast and I am not sure we have the 20 years the DOD seems to be counting on before they have to be able to counter China. That and even if we do have 20 years we would have to have most of the new systems not go significantly over schedule, See how well that has worked out lately.
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