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Subject: Rebuilding The Ukraine Navy
SYSOP    7/8/2020 5:38:25 AM
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gandalf       7/8/2020 9:30:13 PM
LRASM on a MkVI. This was only a conceptual scale model c. 2018 for an unmanned MkVI, and even then, the 4 box erectable launcher occupied the entire aft of the vessel up to the midship. No space for 2nd autocannon on RWS, no space for additional passengers nor to launch inflatable boats (or any personnel, unmanned). LRASM was an all or nothing proposition, bcs MkVI manned version has weight capacity of about 5 tons, and LRASM-SL is 2 tons each, the 4 box would weigh 8 tons for the missiles alone, the erectable frame and machineries are additional. The extra capacity had to come from somewhere - apparently, the crew.
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