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Subject: Arleigh-Burke Vs. Type 45 (Daring).
rayott34    9/14/2014 7:49:49 PM
What exactly are the differences and which would be better for middle tier nations to buy? I've read in some articles that some nations are comparing and contrasting these two destroyers in order to decide which to purchase. (the ones that can afford to go for the better quality but don't build their own ships). The Japanese Kongo class are heavily influenced by the Arleigh-Burke and a lot of that technology is derived (or Licensed) from it. Supposedly, the F100 (Spain) also used a lot of Arleigh-Burke tech. If I'm understanding correctly, the Darings are around 1 billion dollars per ship and the Arleigh-Burkes are around 1.8 billion per ship, have shorter range but more rockets then the Darings. Is this correct? Wouldn't it be better for a given country to buy 3 Daring's over 2 Arleigh Burkes? Why would the cost be so different? It seems like the basic materials and labor in the UK and USA would not be that much different. Is the Radar/Sensing system on the Daring's roughly the same or better (or worse) then the Aegis on the Arleigh-Burke's?
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WarNerd       9/14/2014 9:34:33 PM
1.  What is the definition of a middle tier country?
2.  What are their requirements?
The biggest question is the need for the AEGIS system and the Mk.41 VLS, everything else can probably be match by the Type 45.  AEGIS and the Mk.41 gives you Standard 3 ABM capability and Tomahawk missiles, as well as much better C3I capabilities.  The Type 45 has the Sylver A-50 which cannot accommodate equivalent systems, that requires the A-70.
On the price for the Type-45, check the units and convert.  It is 1 billion pounds, not dollars.
Also check to be sure that it includes all systems, especially electronics.  Some NATO nations have been saving money by purchasing ships designed to include systems that are not installed to save on acquisition costs.
And consider the fact that you middle tier country may not qualify to purchase certain systems. The USA is usually more restrictive.
All the above determine your choice
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