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Subject: GAO Report on Littoral Combat Ship - August 2010
Juramentado    9/1/2010 3:37:11 PM The one damning paragraph out of the GAO report reads: "Until mission package performance is proven, the Navy risks investing in a fleet of ships that does not deliver its promised capability. As the Navy stated, the underlying strength of the LCS lies in its innovative design - interchangeable mission equipment that allows the ship to used for different missions. Fundamental to this approach is the capability to rapidly install interchangeable mission packages into the seaframe. Absent that significant capability within its mission packages, seaframe functionality is largely constrained to self-defense as opposed to mission-related tasks." (Page 25 GAO-10-523 Littoral Combat Ship)" Coupled with the analysis that the report has on Mission Package delivery - none of them are complete and MP development is now projected out through 2017, it confirms that LCS will not be able meet the combat requirements of the Fleet for a significant period of time. So what to do now?
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