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Subject: How Bismarck really sank?
Leech    3/3/2010 8:48:32 AM
How Bismarck really sank? Was it sunk by British forces or scuttled, as its survivors (and newer evidence from examinations of both Bismarck and Prince of Wales) say?
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Leech       3/3/2010 9:10:30 AM
I logged out but forgot password so I had to make new account; Outlook does not work.
Anyway, something for reading is here:
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Leech    And something to watch   3/3/2010 9:17:44 AM
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JFKY    The EXACT details are moot   3/3/2010 1:54:51 PM
The Royal Navy destroyed the Bismarck.  IF, she was scuttled it was only because she could not fight nor could she escape the Royal Navy.  The details are irrelevant....they matter only as tiny face-saving claims, designed to make the KM "feel" better about its defeat...just like we Americans can claim "The Vietnamese NEVER beat us on the battlefield."  As the North Vietnamese officer said, "It may be true, but it is also irrelevant."  So too this discussion...Bismarck ended up on the bottom, not HMS Rodney or KG V.
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Leech       3/7/2010 8:19:03 AM
That's true, but that battle along with later sinking of PoW was used as example of superiority of airpower to battleships (Bismarck was rendered unmanouverable; PoW sank); that's simply not true. Bismarck was disabled by surface artillery and lucky torpedo hit in rudder while PoW was disabled by and sank beacouse of lucky torpedo hit that broken its shaft and caused it to tear throught bulkheads - that damage sank PoW, all other torpedo hits were contained by her torpedo defense system, so she could remain afloat and even make her way to Singapore or Indonesia had first torpedo missed.
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