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Subject: Raytheon's new SPY-5
doggtag    9/17/2009 3:22:51 PM
Raytheon media room entry here: ( And for those of you who like a fancy picture to go with your news, SpaceWar.Com has an entry here: ( ) --------------------- Interesting in the suggestion that it's suitable for vessels down to around ~1000tons displacement. And that "the radar's range, accuracy and beam agility enable the full performance of the Evolved SeaSparrow Missile". Dare I suggest we now have a reason to give the LCS a reconfiguration allowing it a suitable AAW defensive capability? Question is, if so, will they be able to keep the price of such at under $1B per hull? They're also suggesting it's suitable also for a number of carrier types and amphibious warfare vessels. Certainly that means a price spike for any vessel so equipped as compared to one without, but being generations ahead of the original SPY-1, it surely could give a lot of much-appreciated capability to ships when navies don't have a lot of money to pony up for a lot of escorts. Depending how well they can price it into a design, it does have the advantage to give exported US ship designs an edge over foreign vessels, if we were to offer such smallform designs from US shipyards. (Here's the time to suggest that new-generation Perry replacement, even better when we consider the growth potential of the ESSM airframe and its capabilities).
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