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Subject: Reclassification of modern warships from WW2 roles
YelliChink    4/18/2009 12:52:12 PM
modern WW2 ============================================= Obsolete Battleship Obsolete Battle Cruiser Aviation Cruiser Battleship carrier (Both are obsolete) Cruiser Heavy Cruiser Destroyer Cruiser Frigate Light Cruiser LCS Destroyer Corvette (Large) Destroyer Corvette (Medium) Destroyer Escort Corvette (Small) Corvette Missile Boat (Not Small) Corvette Missile Boat (Small) Torpedo Boat Missile Boat (Tiny) Beyond tech of the time SS Submarine SSB Submarine Carrier (I-400 Type) SSN Beyond technology of the time SSBN In your dream Carrier Carrier LST LST Obsolete LSM LCU LCT Obsolete LCVP, LCM, LCI etc LCAC Beyond tech of the time LSC LCS(L) ------------------------------------------------------------ This is not a complete list. I am not familiar with designation of variety class of tugs and different support vessels used today and WW2. Also, there are Mine Warfare Vessels not mentioned in the list. Some Japanese Battleship Carriers are considered something like Moskva. Russian carrier Adm. Gorshkov (now INS Vikramaditya) is considered as regular CV.
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Lynstyne       4/18/2009 1:41:36 PM
cant speak for the US But here in blighty LCVP ( LCU and LSL) are alive and kicking
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