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Subject: New Exocet
Softwar    4/15/2009 9:01:38 AM Four decades after engineering development of the original MM38 surface-to-surface guided weapon (SSGW) began, MBDA is on the cusp of delivering the first production examples of a new-generation-Exocet which, whilst recognisably of the same lineage, will afford anti-surface warfare and land attack capabilities far removed from those of its antecedent. At the same time, it has begun to study further enhancements to keep the weapon operationally effective and internationally competitive well into the 21st century. The French Navy plans to undertake a first shipborne firing of MM40 Block 3 from one of the two Horizon frigates (depending on ship availability) in the third quarter of 2009, and declare the system in service at the same time.
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WarNerd       4/15/2009 2:23:45 PM
One test flight and it is operational.  Great ... What do they do if the test flight is a failure?
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