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Subject: Support ships for LCS?
Charles99    12/31/2008 9:15:04 PM
it seems to me that one problem with the LCS is putting too much into one ship, so what about a destroyer tender style "mothership" to provide LCS's with support both in terms of combat and logistics support. What would a modern version of such a vessel look like if designed and what capabilities could be "offloaded" from LCS ships onto a mother ship without impacting their own mission?
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WarNerd    Charles99   1/2/2009 5:41:53 AM
Before we can start this exercise, there needs to be an agreement on the roles of the LCS in the US Navy, and a common set of mission requirements to fulfill those roles.  Most of the arguments on this board are around what weapon system(s) each individual believe should be included to accomplish some role and why the LCS design needs to be changed to accommodate it.
Personally I suspect that the mothership concept only works if the mothership is capable of deploying multiple specialized vessels, possibly unmanned, to fulfill a variety of roles as required and to keep the enemy at arms length from the mothership.  A lot like an aircraft carrier but using small surface vessels ( less than 100 tons each) instead of aircraft.  The mothership would NOT be a minor combatant -- probably something along the lines of an LHA with the smaller craft replacing the landing craft.
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