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Subject: Hey Bluewings; New Marine Nationale Uniform ?
caltrop    8/30/2008 1:24:15 AM
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caltrop       8/30/2008 1:31:42 AM
 In case this does not work:
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caltrop    Try again   8/30/2008 1:46:04 AM
Vive L"Alizee
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Shirrush    Pauvre France!   8/30/2008 3:56:04 AM
That's a very stupid song!
T'seems that the French cultural output is digging hard after hitting bottom!
Caltrop, using the link tool with Internet Explorer on this forum leads to rather amusing results rather than what it is intended for:
There is no reason anymore to use IE at all, other than making you look like a knuckle-dragging dork!

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