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Subject: ERGM defunded-- what does this mean for NGFS
Charles99    3/25/2008 9:21:50 PM this seems to be a pretty big kick in the pants-- what's the plan "B"?
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doggtag    not 100% certain, but willing to bet...   3/25/2008 9:54:45 PM
...that it was done partially on the grounds to justify their need desire for the DDG1000 and its AGS: kill anything that could offer even a minimal compromise, and Congress (in its infinite ignorance) doesn't know any the better that there were other alternatives, even if reduced in capability compared to the AGS and its LRLAP.
But down the road,
we could see ourselves in the situation that,
much like we purchased an Italian 76mm naval gun and a Swedish 57mm naval gun (US developers just weren't up to snuff with our own "Invented Here" designs?),
we may possibly find ourselves shelling out for OTO Melara's Volcano,
(have any of you guys seen reports that they've suffered "setbacks" like the various US programs (ERGM, BTERM, ANSR, etc) ?),
for the dozens of 127mm gun mounts that will still be in USN service for at least a few more decades
(pending that mythological sub-DDG1000-caliber railgun that can be fitted in in place of Mk45 mountings).
Then again also, as was suggested on the Burke thread,
what if the USN decides to try an M777 type gun retofitted somehow into a Mk45 turret, and is satisfied with using (or is flat out told by Congress to be content using) Excaliburs from Burkes, trying to squeeze out every last km of range those 39 caliber barrels can muster (a decision here might depend on whose districts the M777/Excaliber and AGS/LRLAP are being manufactured in, like so many other programs).
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kensohaski       3/27/2008 7:56:06 AM
600,000,000 dollars to fling a five inch shell 50 miles?  Why not fund death rays from the planet Claire? 
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EW3       3/27/2008 9:01:14 PM
NGFS does not live in a vacuum. 
You get close enough to shoot a gun at the shore you are also inside range of their shore launched weapons.
The difference between 10 or 20 or 50 miles is not significant in that context.  All of those ranges will get a DDG sunk by even a crude SSM, particularly in the littorals.
We have little use of NGFS right now.  Let's wait till we have railguns to take up this mission.   We have time to wait.
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B.Smitty       3/28/2008 8:06:34 AM
EW3, I disagree.

There is a significant difference between having enough range to stand off over the horizon, and having to move within visual range of shore.  OTH shots require the enemy to have airborne or other scouting assets to pinpoint the DDG.  WVR shots just require someone on the beach with binoculars and a radio.  We can attrite long range scouting systems like aircraft, ships, and submarines before moving into a firing position.  We really can't attrite individuals on the beach. 

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