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Subject: UK Carriers Delayed
EKAdams    1/11/2008 11:05:09 PM Thoughts on this?
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Herald12345    NED.   1/11/2008 11:21:41 PM
But if your Parliament is packed with fools like our current Congress........

You'll never see those hulls.

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blacksmith       1/12/2008 2:17:13 AM
I agree with Herald that those ships won't happen.  But it may not be foolishness.  There is no external threat to the British Isles.  England gave up its empire.  It has nothing to defend.  It is protected by water against pacifist continental powers barely able to send small contingents of 'peacekeepers' to stand around and watch wars.  And then it surrendered its sovereignty to that continent.  Spending billions on carriers, carrier aircraft and escorts seems rather pointless when the greatest danger to Britain is its refusal to even admit it has a right to exist and defend itself.
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Padfoot       1/12/2008 3:54:06 AM


Thoughts on this?

My thoughts are that it's not true!

Navy carrier to go ahead, says MoD" alt="HMS invincible" border="0">

The Ministry of Defence has insisted two new Royal Navy aircraft carriers will go ahead as planned.

Reports on Friday morning suggested the department was considering delays to the £3.9bn contract to meet Treasury demands for cuts to its budget.

The Financial Times said officials could delay the project by up to 18 months to stagger the cost of the carriers, announced by defence secretary Des Browne last July.

The MoD confirmed there had been a "slight delay" while the joint venture between BAE Systems and VT Group was established as a legal entity.

But a spokesman denied the project would be held up, saying: "The programme is going ahead and there is no delay to the existing schedule.

"The comprehensive spending review does allow us to proceed with this."

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Yimmy       1/12/2008 1:12:36 PM

England gave up its empire.  It has nothing to defend.

The article is nothing but rumours, it may or may not be correct concerning when we get the carriers.  Even if we do get the carriers on time, it will be a couple of years until we see their air-group, although it will be a rather interesting sight to see the old Harriers flying off them for a while.

I think you will be surprised at how many overseas territories and protectorates we are still responsible for.  not to mention the other expeditionary warfare capabilities of carriers.

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Yimmy       1/12/2008 1:13:45 PM
If your a left wing hippy, there is also the huge benefit they could provide to disaster relief operations such as the recent Tsunami, given the amount of stores they can carry, their deck space and helicopter capable operations.

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