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Subject: Thales
Bluewings12    1/7/2008 4:30:21 PM
While browsing through my Doc , I found a pdf from Thales about what they do in Naval (Sea , Air , Underwater) warfare . Here is the file : "" I decided to post this stuff because I would like to have an honest discussion about Thales . Some people around ~like Herald~ are always saying bad things about Thales ? Well , in all honesty , let 's talk about it but PLEASE give proofs and links to back up what you say , for everybody to see . I will be more than welcome to bash Thales if they have been doing some wrong , but prove it to me first . The paper I provide is of course from Thales but it clearly shows what the Company is doing , where and when . I was myself a bit surprised to see that they are involved in so many business ... Their expectize seems to be huge , from IRSTs to Radars , from ECMs to deep sonars , from FCSs to EW decoys , etc ... Thales seems to be a kind a leader in the market . What do you think ? Cheers .
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VelocityVector       1/7/2008 4:48:07 PM

Thales seems to be a kind a leader in the market . What do you think ?

Thales seems to be a kind a leader in the market(-ing). What do you think ?

Concur when revised as indicated.  It's what I think.  Please show us Thales tests set up and data if you disagree please.


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Bluewings12       1/7/2008 6:31:13 PM
""Please show us Thales tests set up and data if you disagree please.""

No no no , VV . I provided a paper who proves the Company involvments . Try to counter it if you can .
Don 't turn things around , I am the one who is asking posters to prove that Thales is a Company that can 't be trusted .
Just try to prove it ...

eg : I 've noted that the latest British Sub , the Astute , has most of its sensors coming from Thales and that sub supposed to be a hell of an attacking sub if you believe the professionals . That is just an exemple from the pdf . I could talk about the different Radars , Electronic warfare , Weapons , etc ...
You said nothing worth yet , haven 't you ?
So ?..

Cheers .
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VelocityVector       1/7/2008 6:51:02 PM

You said nothing worth yet , haven 't you ?

I could claim I have said "something" by publishing my post.  But here now in the States is a time to watch those former French-territorial ba$tards, the Louisiana State University "Tigers," attempt to own our ba$tard midwestern Ohio State Buckeyes.  Inasmuch as it galls me, I will be rooting for the BigTen Buckeyes tonight.  Will Thales be advertising canned soup or energetic electrical batteries on the airwaves tonight I can only wonder.  Piff paff regardless my friend ;>)

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Herald12345    Don't confuse the companies that those thieves gobble up.    1/7/2008 7:10:29 PM
with the bandit concern itself.

I've demonstrated where Thales [management] has screwed up its involvement in the following


Its not like I haven't discussed their involvement in these programs over the last year [CREF your ref, above) or how the thieves tried to steal US [Raytheon] technology.

I never repeat myself more than FIVE times.


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Lawman       1/8/2008 5:30:26 AM
Bluewings: Thales is a very successful group, but it should be recognised that many of its operations are in quite separate business units. Thales have, for instance, bought up a number of sensor companies, notably Pilkington Optronics, Vinten (recce pods etc), Marconi, Ferranti etc... This is no criticism, it is the way the defence industry works (look at BAE with Bofors and United Defence), but it needs to be noted when thinking of Thales. The group has grown by what is arguably the most efficient means possible, namely purchase of existing companies. As for being a leader in the market, not so sure about 'leader', it certainly is a major company, with a diverse skills set, and does well in getting contracts. Some in the UK are a little bitter about what is perceived as a 'French' company getting contracts that could have gone to the 'British' BAE. I say 'French' and 'British' because these characterisations aren't entirely justified, since Thales now has a lot of British content, and BAE is less British than it used to be.
In summary, Thales is involved in a lot of areas of business, but this involvement does rely heavily on having bought into existing companies and competencies, rather than organic growth of Thales' core business.
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