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Subject: small arms on cruisers and destroyers
stinger    11/4/2007 2:39:08 AM
since the blue water navy has taken a backseat in light of the new ages, the current weapons that are carried are a little over kill, missiles and air defense. of course we need to keep these on board and never underestimate current threat levels. but the only weapons that are being used to protect themselves from small crafts are very weak. they have the 5 inch a few 50 cals and 7.62 and a few carry 25mm. there is no medium caliber on board. so my question is what are they adding on to ships to give them more fire power. how many crew served weapons are they caring now???
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gf0012-aust       11/4/2007 2:45:54 AM
just curious re your english, are you from asia/asia minor?
what navy/ies vessels are you referring to?
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YelliChink       11/4/2007 3:14:41 AM
ROCN has insisted to put 40mm Borfos on Perry class, and the result is abysmal performance of these guns. The ones on Kang Ding boats are actually working. South Koreans' Ulsan class boats used to fave two 76mm Oto Melara guns. Many PLAN ships has 4 dual 37mm gun mounts. USN is currently installing 30mm chaingun on some new ships. Medium calibre guns do make sense, and many navies are installing medium calibre guns. 25mm is actually considered as medium calibre, and even 20mm guns are considered very handy in some situations.
If you are asking specifically for USN loads out, chances are most people don't know about that, and people who do won't tell. Terrorists need to have that kind of knowledge to repeat another USS Cole event.
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stinger       11/4/2007 3:57:19 AM
 i ussually dont  talk like this but im tring to be polite.. i ussually talk like dis bra im here in hawaii aloha
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stinger       11/4/2007 3:58:43 AM

 i usually don't  talk like this but I'm trying to be polite.. i usually talk like dis bra I'm here in Hawaii aloha

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Crazyhorse       11/9/2007 4:24:22 PM

Depending on where you deploy small arms are usually added. When I was on the USS Vandergrift FFG47 performing Earnest Will Tanker escorts in the late 80?s we had two 25mm Bushmaster chain guns mounted, two MK79 Grenade launchers, as well as at least four .50 caliber machine guns added to the standard complement of weapons.

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blacksmith       11/20/2007 10:43:04 PM

 A Block 1B Phalanx is not weak and most US ships have at least two.  What small boat or small plane could survive it?  Phalanx's are successfully shooting mortars out of the air in Bahgdad.  How fast do you think a boat would have to go to evade it?  What is the scenario for a medium caliber weapon?

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KlubMarcus       11/21/2007 10:40:16 PM
The 25mm guns on USN warships are the same ones that the Marines/Army use. They can punch through everything short of a tank on land so small vessels are going to get shredded. There have been plenty of pirates and smugglers who have shot at USN warships and they were annihilated.
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