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Subject: Reactivation of USS Intrepid
Lckman99    10/3/2007 10:28:00 PM
I've been watching a lot of Battlestar Galactica lately, and I've been thinking what if it was neccesary to bring the Intrepid back to service after being a museum ship? how long would it take, what would be involved, would it be doable? The same for other old military hardware, do you guys have any idea how a country or whatever would go about reactivating old decommisioned hardware in an emergency?
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gf0012-aust       10/3/2007 11:30:46 PM
it depends on which country you use as an example.
eg the USN has a number of stages of mothballing assets.  the stage impacts upon how long it will take to bring said asset back into frontline service. so 3 months to 12 months turnaround depending on what stage they're mothballed
if you look at other countries - then the UK mothballing of the Upholders was pretty ordinary - and the canadians paid the price.
as a canadian example, they have a number of frontline fixed wing combat aircraft that were mothballed during the cold war on the premise that they could be emergency recoveries if things got nasty.  turnaround would have been in a matter of months.
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EW3       10/4/2007 7:24:14 PM
Problem with resurrecting something like the Intrepid is that it's basic structure is very limited. 
We did ops with the intrepid in the Barent's Sea in 1972 (sound familiar GF?) and all she could do was carry 4 A-4s for air defence.  At the time she was an ASW carrier.  Great old ship with a great legacy, but the value of bring her back or most any carrier is close to nill. 
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Lckman99       10/5/2007 12:16:59 AM
i understand its not viable, im saying like, lets say some crazy scenario arises and , say, in the process of being towed back from its current overhaul in NJ the sailors involved feel they just have to refurbish it. how would they go about it?
and, is anyone reading this as big a BSG fan as i am?

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