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Subject: Type 45 construction pics
neofire1000    9/9/2007 11:42:26 AM
Got some pics while sailing up the river clyde, hope you like them. Cheers. Neo
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neofire1000       9/9/2007 11:48:55 AM
Having problems uploading, bear with me
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neofire1000       9/9/2007 4:28:04 PM
Give up, will try again in the next few days, won't upload photos!!
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VelocityVector       9/9/2007 4:38:15 PM

[SP] won't upload photos!!

Ditto as to me.  All attempts for the past many weeks have complied with the published parameters here.  Yet only an error message obtains.  Be mindful there are other fora out there ;>)

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