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Subject: The BBC investigates the impact of underfunding in the Royal Navy
yomper    5/30/2007 9:35:15 AM
What future for the Royal Navy? How are budget cuts affecting the Royal Navy? An official inquiry is underway into the humiliating capture of British sailors in the Gulf by the Iranian Revolutionary Guard. Yet in the background there are questions over the role and scope of the senior service. The UK's soldiers have seen comparatively more action than the its sailors in the 25 years since the Falklands Task Force set sail. Analysts are asking is the Royal Navy still a credible fighting force? File On 4's Allan Urry investigates the effects of budget cuts on Britain's senior service. To listen: visit the BBC web site's File on 4 web page and choose one of the options to listen.
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yomper       5/30/2007 1:24:12 PM

Sorry; I've not figured out how put a link on that works. The page is at:


Hope that helps

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Yimmy       7/5/2007 11:29:19 AM
I didn't catch this when it was aired, was it any good?

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