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Subject: Question re UK new future warship SAM
streaky bacon    5/25/2007 5:09:26 AM
After reading in some posts how the Aster missile may not be as effective as mooted by MBDA and with it being a very costly missile system what is the possiblity of the Uk choosing an alternative SAM to arm its Future Surface Combatant! Would like to see a Naval version of the Meteor missile being developed but not sure if there is the will to produce such a system also feel that the Uk has been taken for a ride by the French and Italians in paying alot of money for PAAMS but not receiving much of the overall work share!
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flamingknives       5/25/2007 9:04:29 AM
Unlikely that the UK MoD would switch now, although the FSC has a different role to that of  the Type 45, so it would likely have a different system anyway. Perhaps VL Seawolf would still be viable.
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