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Subject: North Korea Pulls out of Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty
Final Historian    1/9/2003 11:34:27 PM
The link to the FNC article is this :,2933,75152,00.html Things do not appear to be going well on the Korean peninsula. The North Korean announcement that they weren't going to build any nukes "at this stage" indicates they already have some, or or just lying. I find it very unlikely that NK is going to respond to diplomatic pressure from anyone at this point. They have convinced themselves that the only way to protect themselves from the US is to acquire Nuclear Weapons, and threaten to use them if the US does anything. They might even try and blackmail the US into pulling out of the region or else. But even more alarming is the fact that North Korea may sell or give nuclear weapons to terrorist groups like Al-Queda. The timing is pretty bad right now, because with so much attention on Iraq, the US will be hard pressed to help South Korea out if the North invades. I can honestly say that the most unhappy person in the world now is probably either the South Korean President or President Bush. And Colin Powell and the Japanese Prime Minister are not far behind. This is not looking good.
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Topolino    RE:How about Rummy? Yes but...but...etc.   1/14/2003 8:15:20 AM
Ump, I never would have thought of Holbrook. His Foreign Service credentials are fine, and he's certainly been around the block (and the world). I guess there's something about him that leaves me a little underwhelmed. Take a look at this interview he Did with ABC on the first one hundred days of the Bush administration. While he does take some good, strong positions (e.g. on Iraq), a lot of it is sort of "2 cheers" and "yeah, but". He also tries to hang the "unilateralist" slur on Dubya, which makes me want to run over him in an M1A1. I guess we could do worse, but I hope we could do better. Are there any political conservative at State, or did they all perish during the Albright era? By the way, if anyone was wonder about my handle, I'm a big Walt Disney fan, and Topolino is the name for Mickey Mouse in Italy. Topolino ~~~How do I get out of this Mickey Mouse outfit?~~~
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SGTObvious    Well God Bless Italy Too!!   1/14/2003 8:32:31 AM
Topolino is Italian for Michey Mouse? That's very nice of them! In Spanish speaking areas, our revered American Hero is "Raton Mickey". I like Topolino much better.
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American Kafir    RE:How about Rummy? Yes but...but   1/14/2003 6:16:14 PM
>>Gingrich has WAY too much baggage to bring to the team, and doesn't have nearly the foreign policy expertise.<< I'm not sure what you mean by "baggage" in regards to Gingrich, other than liberals hate him for taking away the dominace of the Demogogue Party in the 2nd year of the Clintonista regime. But in regards to North Korea, I'm sure a Secretary of State Gingrich would make sure all "contracts" with America were being upheld. >>Keyes, is a different story. His problems is that he is not well known, nationally, and he is FAR too conservative to act as a major player. He would do better as an assistant Sec State, rather than the lead guy.<< "Far too conservative" is another reason he should be Secretary of State. >>BTW, Powell did not make up the inflated casualty figures in Gulf War I. Those figures were made up by subordinates who passed them on to him. He didn't have any reason to doubt them, or didn't say so publicaly, and thus passed them on.<< You need to read Powell's memoirs more carefully. He was opposed to taking action against Iraq, unilaterally or otherwise, was happy to allow Iraq to invade Kuwait, and did everything in his power to stop the United States from going to war. Just like now and this goofy UN hide and seek game. If there is ANY reason I might be persuaded to not vote for Bush in the next election, it would be for his incessant habit of listening to Colin Powell instead of ordering nuclear strikes.
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