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Subject: Peanut's mistake he helped too create. Brought to us by the factually challenged NYT!
Panther    10/12/2006 9:28:55 PM "But starting around 1997, the North Koreans took steps to start a second, secret nuclear program, one based on enriching uranium. South Korean and American intelligence agencies did not find conclusive evidence of that program until the summer of 2002, and that fall the Bush administration confronted the North Koreans with its evidence." From the website - (I wonder if anyone has mentioned to Mr. Peanut that the agreement of which he was so proud went almost immediately into the NoKo shredder.) I was thinking the same d@mn thing back in late 2002 when this story broke. I even wondered back in the mid - 90's why anyone would expect N. Korea too keep to it's end of the bargin, it's not like the N. Korean regime has a history of keeping their word!
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