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Subject: Nork Hawks
StudentofConflict    10/10/2006 3:11:34 AM
Those who seem to be ultra excited at cheering on a prospective invasion of NK via CNN/Fox/Sky should get a grip. Any war on that peninsula would be a messy bloodbath with massive civilian casualties, its a heavily urbanised region and do you think the NKs would shy away from shelling the hell out of Seol? And what if they do pop a nuke against US forces-sure, it means the end of North Korea as a state, but thats still thousands of dead US troops. Diplomacy and sanctions have to deal with this one if at all possible... I'd be interested to see how easy those who've served in South Koreawould think it'd be. The Nk govt are b'stards, and in an ideal world we could take them out, but I think this'd be a bloodbath too far for any govts taste...
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