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Subject: A Tale from Russia
mustavaris    7/12/2006 8:00:59 AM
Some time ago I was on a vacation in Lappland and met a guy who was from the same town I used to live in. And when a couple of guys with the same roots meet, there starts the talking.. And he told me a story that reveals something about North Korea, or in fact about North Korea a decade ago. That guy was working at a huge construction project in Russia as a superviser in the early 1990s, and the people whose work he directed were mostly Chinese and Koreans.. Chinese he didn´t like for they had to be watched all the time or they wouldn´t do anything and what they did, they did with the left hand (as we say it here). But the Koreans were hard working people and even though they were told not to go outside the gul.. camp, the damned Finns just didn´t want to leave them to rot there without anything to do during the evenings so they took the guys whom they knew well with them and visited some nearby towns... And the Koreans were very surprised how wealthy those Russians were and when the Finns told about life in Finland, they just refused to believe, and what was most incredible for them, was the fact that the guy whom I met owned a car in Finland at age of 26. Even those trips in semirural poverty ridden Russia were hard for them to comprehend. Anyway, in the summer of 1994 the dear leader died and ALL the hundreds of Koreans paralyzed.. they were just crying and doing nothing, lying in their beds, shaking their heads and mourning, it took two weeks before they started to work again and even then they looked like their whole families had died.. and it took many weeks more before the first one smiled or laughed. Brainwashing is a demonic tool especially when implemented on a whole society.
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Nanheyangrouchuan    RE:A Tale from Russia   7/12/2006 12:40:30 PM
Kill the Kim family, kill them ALL!
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timon_phocas    RE:A Tale from Russia   7/12/2006 7:49:32 PM
Interesting story. Thank's for the telling. I have heard that Kim Il Sung was truly loved by the Korean people. He had the ability to "connect" to the people. I have also heard that there is much less affection for Kim Jong Il.
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