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Subject: (no subject)
wynter    5/30/2005 7:15:19 AM
wow... couldnt guess you are all americans. if the US held up their end of the agreed framework maybe north korea would co operate. Kim Jong Il has no reason to co operate when the US if they dont not hold up their end of the deal. No doubt he is not a sensible leader and is unpredictable, but consider what the US has done to Iraq, i wouldnt want to be next on the hit list
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kph    RE:(no subject)   6/1/2005 3:44:29 AM
No, not everybody here is American. To the point, Kim will probably cooperate to a certain extent, eg going back to negotiating table, stall for time, get more aid and keep his regime going. Guess who's going to foot the bill!! Meantime, it's the North Korean ppl who are still suffering under his yoke.
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bsl    RE:(no subject)   6/1/2005 9:49:23 PM
"if the US held up their end of the agreed framework maybe north korea would co operate." Wow. And, maybe if you took a pig to the roof of a building and threw it off, it would learn to fly before it hit the ground. Or, maybe not. Where do ideas like this come from? There are more than 50 years of history which argue, virtually without exception, exactly the contrary of the proferred thesis. Is there anything, at all, to support the position asserted?
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