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Subject: How to defeat N korea?
americanidol2    5/17/2005 4:36:59 AM
North korea is pain in the butt for the world as everyone knows. They do not want peace nor want war but still been pesky. I have few options. 1. remove the china option from the korea. Give something to china make them drop and not support korea. 2. Next option would be to not even talk to korea. Totally just ignore them. NO trading, no selling, not going to peace talks. Treat them as they dont exist. 3. Just one night pure bomb and invade them with nato. 4. open trade negotiations with north korea and make them obey the internation laws. What is our best options? Keep it going.
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Decimatus    RE:How to defeat N korea?   2/19/2006 6:01:24 AM
If we go into N. Korea, we had better nail them very very hard. They have like 10,000 artillery pieces on the border. Half of Seoul will be leveled if the N. Koreans let off a few salvos. That is the main reason why N. Korea is at the bottom of the list. Not because they have a nuke or 3, but because even without nukes they hold the South hostage. We can't move on NK unless SK goes along with it.
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PowerPointRanger    The Best Solution   7/8/2006 2:58:03 AM
I can tell you the best way to beat North Korea: Cut off ALL US economic aid, including humanitarian. The chief complaint about this is that it would cause innocent NK civilians to starve to death & cause a humanitarian nightmare. However, it has been my observation that plenty of NK civilians have starved to death with our aid (probably because it is diverted to supporting the NK military). The main reason NK succeeds in its bad behavior is because it is protected by China. It is protected by China because China suffers no ill consequences, while the US is made to look impotent. (A no-lose situation for China.) If we cut off humanitarian aid, there would be a flood of refugees across the Chinese border. They would be pressured to act. (And quite frankly, it's long past time we stopped rewarding Kim Jong Il for his bad behavior.) KJI has said this would provoke a war. BS! I don't believe that North Korea has nukes. They would have tested them by now. The benefits are just too good to do otherwise. (Besides, we have about 300 nukes to every one they claim to have.) And if they went to war against South Korea, they would get their asses handed to them. It's a total mismatch of quality, and we saw what that can do iduring the Gulf War (where Saddam was using basically the same weapons and tactics as NK would use vs basically the same weapons and tactics that South Korea would use). In short, to make North Korea hurt, we must make China feel the pain.
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