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Subject: ABC News reports huge blast & 'mushroom cloud' in North Korea...
NewGuy    9/12/2004 3:14:14 AM
From ABCNews: ------------ "The South Korean government said it was trying to confirm the report of an explosion at 11 a.m. on Thursday in Yanggang province near the border with China. "We understand that a mushroom-shaped cloud about 3.5- to 4-kilometer (2.2 miles to 2.5 miles) in diameter was monitored during the explosion," the source in Seoul told Yonhap. Yonhap described the source as "reliable." Very early report, my guess is this is a conventional explosion or a related accident, not a nuke. NewGuy (Yes, Im back)
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American Kafir    RE:ABC News reports huge blast & 'mushroom cloud' in North Korea...   9/12/2004 10:23:57 AM
Welcome back! I don't see why we should worry about North Korean nukes. Don't tell me you don't have Jimmy Carter's brokered agreement with North Korea wallpapering your home...
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evlstu    RE:ABC News reports huge blast & 'mushroom cloud' in North Korea...   9/13/2004 3:26:26 AM
People asking if the explosion was a nuclear explosion. Well, has anyone detected any RADIATION downwind from the thing? If its nuclear, then there will be radiation. If or until any radiation is detected, I'd say that the North Koreans just had an ammo dump explode. Kind of like the one that exploded in Russia back in the 80's near Arckangel. That explosion was so big that at first, given what the spysats saw, it too was thought to be a nuke going boom.
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SaltPetre    RE:ABC News reports huge blast & 'mushroom cloud' in North Korea...   9/13/2004 8:23:33 AM
Nice to see you back On Deck Mr. Newguy, be forewarned though a foul 'eastwind' still blows in these how was that attache(TDY) assignment? Back to Korea: "a shrimp between two whales". I read in the S'Pages this morning that a PRK "official" says the blast was a planned "mountain demolition" project, you'd think that a million gooks with chipping hammers would have been more cost effective? Wonder though, considering the location of the "demolition" up near the China border, was Kim Jong-il firing a warning shot at the ChiComs? Let's Roll
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