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Subject: Coming threat to South Korea...
whitesox    8/14/2004 8:27:56 PM
Finally, China unveiled their desire. China has a plan to absorb North Korea just when North Korea's regime collapse. In this respect, China has been developing a fake theory about the old korean history that the old korean history is part of china's meaning that current North Korea's territory used to be China's This chinese project is called 'Dong Buk Gong Jong' which is irritating korean nerves nowadays. I guess, we koreans will face a war against china near future. Farking korean war again. Korea is located in really farking place. china, russia and japan are our neighborhood. this is crazy. USA is preparing some kind of war in east asia, I'm sure. I have a source. The final deadline is 2005. USA may attack North Korea or China may attack Taiwan. but both cases will bring unfortunately same result, which is, South Korea will be inadvertently in a belligerent situation like a war. A real fight is between USA and China, Korea is kind of a appendix.
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ROK_Navy    RE:Then we will kick China's big fat greedy @$$!!   8/14/2004 11:05:57 PM
When china put a match to this region, that will be the end of chinese commie imperialist. None of neighboring countries will be on chinese side. Tibet, Taiwan, then Korea/Mongol, next is surely Japan. Rest of south eastern asian countries need just a piece of paper to be part of Great Chinese Empire! Not enogh though? Endless greed of fat China...
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elcid    The theory may be true, but the motives are imperial   8/27/2004 11:54:39 PM
I am not so sure the Chinese theories about the old Korean kingdom are wrong. It certainly existed where they say it did, and modern Korean interpretations are at least as nationalistic as the PRC one is. But it is coming out now to justify the option of claiming the place again. And no ancient fact outranks self determination. It might be good if China moved on Korea - in the sense it is not so politically hard to find allies as if it moves on Taiwan. But it does not seem to be the priority for PRC jsut now.
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ROK_Navy    Chinese theory makes no sense.   8/28/2004 5:03:31 AM
It's the same theory insist that "the history of China" bolongs to "the history of Japan" during WW2 - Japan occupied half of China - most populated, richest and advanced region was Japanese territory. Is it correct? or can be justified? The name of Korea came from the name of our ancient kingdom "Kokuryo" or "Kogureo" Where the name of China came from? China should change her name before she is succesor of Kokuryo kindom. So, PULL OUT OF OUR HISTOTY! The only way to steal our history is to destroy Korea and enslave our people like China did and doning in Tibet. But it will costs hundred millions of Chinese lives too.
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bsl    American interests in Korea   8/29/2004 12:34:46 AM
America protected the ROK for half a century, accepting the risk of escalation to nuclear war, directed against America. South Korea grew wealthy and democratic under the American umbrella. However, when the USSR unravelled and communism everywhere seemed shaky, South Korea looked at the possibility that North Korea would collapse, and, rather than accept the possibility that they could achieve reunification without war, and under South Korean terms, decided that they didn't want the risk that they'd be left with the financial burden of the bankrupt North (as West Germany was left to support the former Communist East Germany). At that point, I think quite a lot of Americans began to lose both respect for the ROK, and their willingness to sacrifice on behalf of the South. And, in the wake of 9-11, when it's become clear that North Korea is a real part of the larger threat of nuclear attack on America (either directly, or, more probably, selling nuclear weapons on the international black market), American interests require a hard rethink. It seems to have gone almost unnoticed in much of the world, but given the current state of the world, it's likely removing the ability of North Korea to make nuclear weapons has moved well above the fate of South Korea on the list of American priorities. If the South was more interested in actually *doing* anything to help in this situation, or showed any interest, at all, in doing anything with respect to the North save buying it off, America might still rate the safety of the South very highly. As it is, with the way the South has been talking and acting, seeming to write off the nuclear matter, which America considers a direct and growing threat to America, itself, America is not going to be terrribly considerate of ROK interests if it comes to a choice between acting to destroy the Northern nuclear program, and meeting ROK "concerns". And, the ROK has no one to blame for this state of affairs but themselves. In this setting, it's actually possible to contemplate an American policy choice which could accept a Chinese Army in North Korea.
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