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Subject: War is almost unavoidable North Korea tells UN
Big Bad Pariah    7/28/2004 3:55:50 AM
N.Korea Urges Annan to Dissolve U.N. Command REUTERS , Seoul Wednesday, Jul 28, 2004 North Korea urged the United Nations yesterday to dissolve the UN Command on the tense peninsula and press for the withdrawal of US troops based in South Korea. In a rare letter to UN Secretary General Kofi Annan, North Korea's representative at the Korean War truce village called on the United Nations to dissolve the 50-year-old UN Command. "It is our view that a war in Korea is almost unavoidable as long as the US hostile policy toward the DPRK goes on," said the 1,100-word letter, which the official KCNA news agency said was written by Colonel-General Ri Chan-bok. DPRK stands for the Democratic People's Republic of Korea. Ri is the long-serving North Korean representative at the Panmunjom truce village, which lies in the middle of the Demilitarized Zone that has separated the South from the North since the Korean War. North Korea remains technically at war with the US-led UN forces in the South because the conflict ended in an armed truce that has not been replaced by a peace treaty. It was not immediately clear whether Annan received Li's letter, which was dated July 22 and published yesterday, the 51st anniversary of the armistice which stopped fighting in the Korean War. The US military in Seoul had no immediate comment. Ri's letter reiterated North Korean war threats and demands for a US pullout and voiced alarm at recent American moves to upgrade military readiness while cutting forces. The US announced last month that it planned to withdraw a third of its 37,500 troops from South Korea as part of a long-term global force realignment. It also plans to move forward deployed troops away from the border with the North. To assuage South Korean concerns that the move would weaken defenses against the North's 1.1 million-strong army, the Pentagon said last year it would spend US$11 billion on advanced weaponry.
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elcid    RE:War is almost unavoidable North Korea tells UN   8/28/2004 12:01:40 AM
In a way, NK is telling the truth. NK is a strange regime, and it is in a degenerating situation. It cannot reform and survive, so instead of reform, it spends ever more of GDP on the military. This long was 26% - the world's highest - but now approaches 40% - clearly unsustainable. The only practical solution is to take the initiative and take down this regime. I know it is unpopular - but it is the only path likely not to result in loss of cities to nuclear bombs. It also is the likely easiest path to a unified Korea.
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displacedjim    RE:War is almost unavoidable North Korea tells UN   8/28/2004 6:36:46 PM
I'm telling you, ElCid, it's time to lull them into a false sense of security that their window of opportunity is opening by withdrawing U.S. ground forces. The North falls for it and comes south, then we rip them up as they swarm in the open. It'd be another classic application of superior firepower. Then the decades-long agony can end, and "the healing process can start." Can you feel the love? Displacedjim
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bsl    RE:War is almost unavoidable North Korea tells UN   8/29/2004 12:36:36 AM
The Soviets had enough sense to arrange a soft landing when their communist system collapsed. I know nothing in the history of North Korea, or the CPK to make me think that they can repeat this feat. They are more likely to fall, hard, and may well try to take as much of the world with them as they can.
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chemist    RE:War is almost unavoidable North Korea tells UN   8/29/2004 1:09:11 AM
DJim, apparently we;re thinking alike wrt NorK. I said much the same to cid a few weeks ago. Draw them out, then reduce them.
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tbrow5    RE:War is almost unavoidable North Korea tells UN   9/18/2004 11:57:50 AM
I say pull everything out of SK and let the North invade. The South will win eventually, and the ingrates in South Korea need a lesson in reality. They hate us and want us out anyway.
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serpentx777    RE:War is almost unavoidable North Korea tells UN   9/30/2004 12:53:39 PM
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